FRUSTRATED with the inability of the Ohio Legislature over the past two sessions to pass legislation that would require voter photo ID requirement for Ohio that polls at 70% favorability in Ohio and nationally, this citizens-led initiative has launched today to place the measure on the ballot sometime in 2016.

Constitutional Amendment to Adopt Voter Photo ID Requirement for Ohio  launched today at the Ohio Liberty Coalition meeting in Marysville, Ohio.

Protect Ohio’s Vote PAC Committee today announced and began circulating petitions to adopt voter photo ID requirement for Ohio.  Chris Long made the following statement, ” Voter fraud is a growing problem in Ohio. After a 15 month citizens-led audit of BOE’s across the State of Ohio that discovered numerous irregularities, suspicious activity, inaccuracies in reporting, and outright voter fraud, the citizens committee highly recommended voter photo ID requirement as an initiative to combat the growing voter fraud problem in the battle ground State of Ohio.”

DOWNLOAD Voter ID instructions

DOWNLOAD Voter ID Language approval petition


EDITORS NOTE – This initial Petition is to gather 1000 signatures to submit for Language approval.  Upon language approval and certification,  the certified petition will be used to collect the 305,000 signatures to place this on the ballot.