2+25Common Core defenders will often claim there is nothing in the standards they would not want their own children to know. Defying the naysayers to painstakingly read through pages and pages of dry, innocuous language on education standards is good strategy. No one is going to take them up on the challenge and there won’t be anything too damning in the standards anyway.

Problems with the Common Core standards are not going to be found in their language. The problems are going to be found in the execution of the standards, in the lesson plans, the text books, the third party testing and the data collection and sharing. The standards themselves, as they simply appear on a website or printed out in black and white, cannot harm anyone. But, put into practice, the standards can invade your privacy, take away local control of education, and dumb down an entire generation of children.

Common Core is no joke and it is certainly no panacea to what’s ailing our education system.  Fox News links to a video from the Daily Caller showing a teacher explain how math will be taught in the Common Core age.  The video will give you a taste of what’s to come.

A significant number of Ohio schools have implemented Common Core.  Ohio parents are encouraged to pay close attention to what your children are learning at school. Read through the Common Core aligned textbooks that are brought home. Review your child’s homework assignments and take every opportunity to visit your child’s classroom. Going to school board and PTO meetings will be enlightening as well. It is in this way, you will learn what’s wrong with Common Core. If you find anything that concerns you, please be sure to let us know.

The Daily Caller story can be found here.