I would like to thank all of those involved in the Ohio Liberty Coalition statewide meeting on Saturday for an absolutely wonderful and educational event. I received the following very gracious email, and the message I could not have said better.

“I wanted to take a minute to thank you all for your hard work in putting on the OLC State Meeting in Marysville, Ohio Saturday. I, and the rest of those in attendance, greatly appreciated your efforts to bring together the various elements of our movement in a way that educates and uplifts us all.

While our focus is often on the battle at hand, yesterday, I was able to look back at what must be close to two dozen of these meeting over the past six years and saw how far we have come, how much we have accomplished. Individually and as a movement. This advancement is often so gradual that it goes unnoticed even while it is happening, but Saturday you could see the accumulative effect. The knowledge, the experience, the ability to see through the fog and understand exactly what the problem is, who is causing it, and how to attack it. The room was full of informed conversations by people who have learned through often difficult experience. Yes, everyone does not share all that experience and many still hold views that are ill informed. But collectively, within our movement, we have gathered an enormous repository of knowledge and information that becomes available to all at events like Saturday’s. That is why what you do is so important and why it is worth your time and effort. Education is truly our most important weapon in our efforts to defend individual Liberty and Freedom and our beloved Constitution. It has been a long journey, with a very long way to go, but this truly is the second American Revolution and your role in that Revolution is vital to it’s ultimate success.

I just wanted to express my thanks and assure you all that your efforts are appreciated.”

With Great Respect,
Tom Zawistowski


The OLC will be posting several videos and articles that came out of the meeting on the OLC website and be sending out through emails as much information as we can. Special thanks goes to all of the board members who spent weeks and many many hours working on the program–getting speakers scheduled, the program printed, and making sure the location was ready with sound and video equipment, tables, vendors snacks and lunch was taken care of. It takes many volunteers to make an event of this size happen, and it was a wonderful event. Thank you to everyone that joined with us on Saturday you are a true… “Remnant of Freedom”.


Thank You

Glenn Newman
Ohio Liberty Coalition