Citizens’ Sovereignty

Join us: September 11, 2013

Independence Civic Center
6363 Selig Drive, Independence, OH  44131
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Doors open 6:30pm


Click to view/print event flyer

Click to view/print event flyer

Your local elected representatives are also being invited to hear Citizens’ Advocacy Forum concerns and your questions about:

  • What is your local government doing to protect your control over your property rights?
  • When will the public have a voice in Regional Planning?
  • How and why to Regional Government Systems hurt the economy and destroy the Republic?
  • Where in a regional government system is a Redress of Grievance available to citizens whose property is adversely affected by “Sustainable Development”?
  • How can you stop regional systems of government from ruining your state?


Accepting $2 donations at door to help defray costs