Visit for more info on Agenda 21

Click to visit for more info on Agenda 21

You may have heard of Agenda 21, also known as sustainable development. You may even think you are quite the expert. To find out where you really fall on the Agenda-ometer try answering the Agenda 21 questions below. Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer. All answers can be found at .

110-100 = Wow, you should create your own Agenda 21 website!

90-80 = Nice job. It is hoped you are working in your community to monitor you local politicians to be sure that they are not implementing Agenda 21 policies in your community!

70-60 = Even though you probably wish you had done better, you can bet the bank that this score means you still know more than 95% of the American citizens.

50-0 = You might want to spend a bit more time at so that you can share all of this important information with your community.


1. What is the official name of Agenda 21?

2. Which President signed Agenda 21 and in what year?

3. Which President embedded Agenda 21 into every single federal agency by creating the Presidential Council on Sustainable Development?

4. True or False: Agenda 21 is an environmental movement?

5. Social Justice/social equity is one of the 3 E’s that is used by the Socialists in this country to justify many policies that they promote. What is the common name for social justice?

6. The Wildlands Project is a program being driven by the Federal Government to try to remove humans from the rural lands and force them into towns. What is the name of the treaty that provides the blueprint for this program?

7. Cores are large areas where human are not welcome for fear they will negatively impact the wildlife. Cores are attached by narrower bands of land that allow the animals to move back and forth between the cores. What are the names of the connecting strips of land?

8. Before humans are forced into pack and stack situations in town, the infrastructure for the new “green” lifestyle must be put in place and new regulations need to be created to control the behavior of these humans. Collectively these infrastructure and regulations are called what?

9. Many local governments are currently taking what is called “Complete Street” grants. This grant provides to the local government money to build roads. This money, however, comes from the federal government (and China) which is then funneled down to the regional government. The regional government then uses the money to entice/bribe the local government to create two things (other than the road). What are those two things?

10. At many governmental meetings where the public is invited to give input, the results of those discussions are rigged/pre-planned by the organizers of the meeting. What is that process called (3 possible answers).

Bonus Question

11. What is the name of the grant program that states the following,

‘‘The ____(three words)____Grant program is also a step in implementing Agenda 21, the Global Plan of Action on Sustainable Development, signed by the United States at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992”,

(This phrase in this grant proves that those of us who believe that Agenda 21 is indeed being implemented by our federal government are NOT wearing tin hats!)


Click on each ‘+’ icon below to reveal each answer one at a time

Agenda for the 21st Century
George H.W. Bush
Bill Clinton
False (political!)
redistribution of wealth
Biodiversity Treaty
Smart Growth
bike paths and sidewalks
Delphi Method, Visioning, or Consensus
11. Bonus
Sustainable Development Challenge (Grant)