There are two pledges available for you to download and take to your Ohio house reps and Ohio state senators this election season – one against the implementation of an Obamacare state insurance exchange and one against imposing an increased severance tax on gas and oil companies. Some reps have already been approached and they are refusing to sign the pledges because they say that they cannot legally do so. The facts are quite the contrary – see the end of this article for more information on that topic.

[box]Pledge #1: I will not vote in favor of implementing a state-based insurance exchange in Ohio[/box]

We have previously written about the importance of Ohio not implementing a state-based Obamacare insurance exchange.  Although Mary Taylor has made some fairly strong statements against exchange implementation, Governor John Kasich is not instilling as much confidence in us with recent non-committal statements on the implementation of Medicaid expansion. But the keys here are in the hands of the Ohio house.  A little over a year ago, all 59 republicans in the Ohio house voted to put the Healthcare Freedom Amendment on the ballot (60 votes were required, however, and the initiative instead made it on the ballot by the dedication of Ohio tea party volunteers).  The Ohio Senate also voted 24-9 in favor of putting the amendment on the ballot. Therefore, this should be a no-brainer pledge for all Ohio republican state reps to sign, right? (Find your state House rep here and your state Senator here).

Click on the image below to download the Healthcare Freedom Pledge for your state house representative and/or state senator.

Click to Download the Healthcare Pledge

When you have gotten your rep’s signature, please send it back to us using this form.  If you have any difficulty, you can also fax to us at 216-342-1147.

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[box]Pledge #2: I will not vote to raise the severance tax on oil, gas, and other liquids in Ohio[/box] has a pledge for your reps that commits them to not increasing taxes on oil and gas production in Ohio.  We have likewise written about the Governor’s intentions to impose this tax upon the industry under the “cover” of providing a reduction in income tax for Ohioans.  We completely oppose this for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it’s redistribution of wealth – coming from republicans!

Download the pledge from’s website and you can submit your completed pledge back to them on their contact page.

Click to Download the Severance Tax Pledge

[box]What if my legislator says they can’t sign pledges?[/box]

Yesterday, the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law released a white-paper that addresses the issue of squishy legislators that say they can’t sign pledges because it’s illegal.  One word: boloney.


Specifically, the taxpayers call upon legislative candidates to pledge that they (1) will not vote in a manner inconsistent with health care freedom; and (2) will note vote to impose a severance tax on fledgling oil and gas production in Ohio.

As citizens began to ask candidates to sign this pledge, something interesting – – beyond a policy debate – – happened: some Republican candidates began to balk at the idea of a pledge.

Rather than take a stance, some candidates have even responded that the request that they take the pledge is illegal, and that the person asking them to sign it could be fined out of house and home.

While it’s unclear how vastly this view is held amongst the Ohio Republican Caucus, or Democrats, for that matter, two things are clear: (1) it’s not a violation of a law to ask one’s candidate to sign the pledge; and (2) the statute is, itself, flagrantly unconstitutional.

Read the full analysis HERE.