A message from Jim Woods from Medina County Friends and Neighbors:

Last week the “Immigration Reform” (amnesty) Bill SB744 was reported out of committee by a lopsided majority and is headed to the floor of the Senate.  The radical Left is pulling out all the stops to get amnesty passed, with the intent of tilting the political balance of power in their favor for at least a generation.  As always, they need a few “enlightened Republicans” to help them.  Senate President Harry Reid wants to get the amnesty bill passed by the Senate by July 4.

If we cannot defeat it in the Senate, we must defeat it in the House.

Locate your representative here: http://www.house.gov/

We cannot depend upon our state governments to protect the integrity of our elections.  That was shot down by today’s ruling by the US Supreme Court upholding the federal government’s supremacy on issues of voter registration, established by the 1993 “Motor Voter” law.  Arizona’s requirement of proof of citizenship was struck down by the Court.  President Obama helped Motor Voter get passed as an ACORN leader.  We should have no doubt that the Obama administration is already at work trying to figure out how they can use this Court decision to influence election results in 2014, 2016 and beyond.

In addition there are quasi-religious groups funded by George Soros propagandizing about how supporting amnesty is the righteous thing for people of faith to do.  They may fool many people into thinking that it is the compassionate thing to do, when their objective is not compassion, but centralized power by the elites over the subservient masses, half of whom must labor to support the other half.  Their goal is not to serve God, but to replace God with an all-powerful government.

Our nation has always been a nation of immigrants, and it should always remain so, but not at the expense of Natural Law and our natural rights.

It is time for all of us to start making personal contact with our Senators and Representatives if we can, and email, telephone and fax them if we can’t, repeatedly if necessary.  We absolutely, positively must remember which of them is not with us on this.

This happened before in 1986.  The borders were to be secured, employers hiring illegal aliens were to be punished, and 3 million illegal aliens in the country were to be legalized.  Legalization simply required the stroke of a pen, and it was done.  And as soon as it was done, there was no bargaining power left to make sure that the border was secured, or employers fined for hiring new illegal aliens.  Neither of them happened, and that is why we now have 11 million illegal aliens.  If we make this mistake again, we will probably have 30 million illegal aliens in another generation.  Assuming this is still a country to which they would like to move.

We need to secure the borders.  Since this commitment was never fulfilled from 1986, we should demand that it be done first and done in fact not just on paper.  Only the secured border is acceptable from a federal government whose level of honesty has been shown all too clearly by Fast & Furious, Benghazi, DHS shakedowns, IRS playing politics, AP wiretapping, EPA favoritism, and NSA spying on citizens.  Only the secured border will suffice from the government whose level of competence has been shown by Obamacare; whose universal coverage is already causing employers to drop coverage of their coverage, or changing full-time jobs with benefits into two part-time jobs with no healthcare coverage making “affordable care” unaffordable, using the IRS to enforce the “affordable” health care on people who can’t afford it or don’t want it, denying healthcare treatment to those in need and driving healthcare costs higher than ever.

Those who want to pass amnesty need to secure the border, explain to us why we should trust them, and convince us that this time they will get it right.