It is just the first month of school and Ohio parents need to be aware of yet another book on the Common Core list of exemplar texts that contains highly graphic, sexual material. The book in question, “Dreaming in Cuban” by Cristina Garcia, can be found on page 152 of the “Common Core Standards for English Language Arts – Text Exemplars,” conveniently placed just after “The Bluest Eye” on which the OLC reported earlier this month.  Parents can access the list through the Ohio Department of Education website under “English Language Arts-Appendix B.”

In its article, “Fifty Shades of Common Core:  How Much Porn Is Too Much for High Schoolers?”  The Daily Caller provides an excerpt from “Dreaming in Cuban” which was assigned to 10th graders at Buena High School in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Students were asked to read the book aloud in class.

Parents who want to take a stand against the inclusion of this material in Ohio’s new education standards can start by contacting the following individuals who have been directly involved in cementing Common Core in Ohio.  It should be noted that Ms. Terhar has taken a stand  with respect to ‘The Bluest Eye” mentioned above.

Governor John Kasich 614-466-3555
Debe Terhar, President, State Board of Education 513-477-6426
Richard Ross, Superintendent of Public Instruction 877-644-6338

Be prepared to hear the following excuses to which other parents have already been treated:

  • “The Common Core standards were put in place under Governor Strickland.”
  • “The Kasich administration cannot change the standards. They were written by third parties outside of Ohio.”
  • “Ohio is a local control state. Your school district is not required to use this book.”

As our public servants dissemble and excuse pedal, leave them with a little food for thought: why did the state of Ohio spend $400 million to implement standards over which we have no control?

The Daily Caller article can be found here.

More Information Can Be Found at Joe the Plumber’s site here.