According to Your Name On the Ballot,  there are 16 Ohio Senate seats (even number districts) up for grabs in the 2016 elections.

There are 33 Senate districts in Ohio, with 4 year terms. Odd number districts are voted on in Governor election years (2014, 2018, 2022, etc). Even number districts are voted on in Presidential election years (2016, 2020, 2024, etc)

DistrictMapSenateTo get your name on a party ballot, you must fill out the correct form.  You can get it at your county Board of Elections, or download it from Your name on the Ballot. Filing deadline for the March 15th primary is December 16th 2015.  You must have lived in the district for at least one year.  You will need 50 valid signatures from your party (or independents) who live in the district, and, there is a $85 filing fee. Your Name on the Ballot has created a neat Voter Name Lookup tool,  use it to make sure your signers are the correct part and district.

Reminder,  signers from different counties MUST be on their own separate packets, don’t mix counties on one packet,  as the signatures will not count.

You must file all your petitions in the most populace county (see FILE IN COUNTY)  make sure you copy your packets before submitting them.

District Name TERM Party FILE IN COUNTY
2 Randy Gardner 2016 R WOOD
4 Bill Coley 2016 R BUTLER
6 Peggy Lehner 2016 R MONTGOMERY
8 Bill Seitz 2016 R HAMILTON
10 Chris Widener 2016 R GREENE
12 Keith Faber 2016 R ALLEN
14 Joe Uecker 2016 R CLERMONT
16 Jim Hughes 2016 R FRANKLIN
18 John Eklund 2016 R PORTAGE
20 Troy Balderson 2016 R FAIRFIELD
22 Larry Obhof 2016 R MEDINA
24 Tom Patton 2016 R CUYAHOGA
26 David Burke 2016 R MARION
28 Tom Sawyer 2016 D SUMMIT
30 Lou Gentile 2016 D BELMONT
32 Capri Cafaro 2016 D TRUMBULL