Congressman Ron Paul's HR 459 Audit the Fed Bill Passes (Photo Credit: Bloomberg)

Republican Steve Stivers was the only Ohio Congressman to not go on record for the Audit the Fed vote today which passed in the House by a margin of 327 to 98.  (We do not yet know the reason why Stivers didn’t vote on the bill, but if you are in Stivers district, we would recommend that you call his office to ask why he didn’t vote. Please feel free to share your findings with everyone by leaving a comment below.  Editors note: see below for an update from Steve Stivers’ Deputy Chief of Staff)  Notice also that two Ohio democrats, Kucinich and Sutton, crossed over and also voted for the bill.

If your representative voted yes on the bill, please take a moment to send them a thank you (links below).  You may also want to send a letter of thanks to Texas Congressman Ron Paul for leading the fight for this bill and seeing it to successful passage in the house.  According to Campaign for Liberty, the battle will now go to the Senate where Harry Reid will do everything possible to stop this bill’s momentum. Ohio reps voted as follows:

Voted YES

Voted NO

Did not vote

(UPDATE received 7/26, 6:05pm from Steve Stivers’ Deputy Chief of Staff, Adam Kuhn:  I just read the OLC’s post on the House vote on Congressman Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill yesterday and wanted to clear up why Steve didn’t vote on the legislation. First, Steve has been a supporter of Auditing the Fed since before he was elected to Congress in 2010 and he is a co-sponsor of HR 459. Unfortunately, Steve wasn’t in DC for votes this week as he is currently serving our country completing his two weeks of active duty service a year with the Ohio National Guard. If Steve were able to be there yesterday he would have proudly cast his vote in support of HR 459 and Auditing the Fed.)

(Note: As Speaker of the House, John Boehner does not vote on most bills)