Opportunity Ohio Releases 2013 State Salary Data

Today Opportunity Ohio, a free market think tank in Columbus, released state salary information on its website for 2013.  The transparency tool allows you to search for individuals by name or department.  Read the press release from Opportunity Ohio below for more details, and check the database out here:  State Salary Search.


March 14, 2014       Contact:  Matt Mayer, 614-636-2663 
Opportunity Ohio Releases 2013 State Salary Information in Searchable Database
 Today Opportunity Ohio released new 2013 salary […]

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Obamacare Cancellations by State

The Liberty Foundation of America released a new short report which details Obamacare cancellations by state.  The report was written by Mary McCleary who also works for Opportunity Ohio.  To read the report, click here:  Obamacare Cancellations Create Headache for Businesses and Policy Holders.

Based on their research, The Liberty Foundation has calculated that at least 5,680,600 plans have been cancelled so far.  The massive amount of cancellations led to Politifact awarding Lie of Year […]

New Book: The Founding Debate

Yesterday, Matt Mayer, the president of Opportunity Ohio, released his third book The Founding Debate: Where Should the Power Over Our Lives Reside?  It is now available for purchase on Amazon for just $5.39.  The book will make a great Christmas gift for anyone who is interested in the Constitution, US history, or balance of power between the federal government and the states.  All proceeds from book sales will be donated to charity.

Here is […]

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Air Traffic Data Reflects Poorly on Ohio’s Economy

Today Opportunity Ohio released “Airport Data Indicates Ohio’s Economy Won’t be Flying Anytime Soon” – a short report detailing the plight of passenger air traffic in the state.  Here are some quick facts directly from the report:

Though Ohio is the seventh largest state in terms of population, Ohio only ranked 21st among the states for air travel in 2012.
Ohio had over 926,000 fewer passengers in 2012 than it did in 2000, a drop of […]

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Obamacare Brings Higher Healthcare Costs to Ohio

This past week, Opportunity Ohio and Media Trackers have been busy crunching the numbers on Obamacare premiums.  So far, the punchline is that healthcare costs will be going up, especially for young people.  Although it is now possible to sign up for insurance through the federal exchange – that is if you don’t run into a glitch, there are still lots of unknowns surrounding the Affordable Care Act.  Even though limited information is available […]

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Ohio Families Losing Ground as Incomes Fall

Today, Opportunity Ohio released a short report on recently released household income data for the 50 states.  Ohio Families Losing Ground as Incomes Fall by Mary McCleary details Ohio’s plight over the last decade as the state has continued to drop in household income rankings.  From 2011 to 2012, Ohio’s inflation adjusted median household income fell over $1,200.  Currently, Ohio ranks 10th worst among the states with a median household income of $44,375, which […]

What the Cincinnati Enquirer Finally Printed

In response to the 10/19/13 op/ed, “LEAGUE: PROTECT YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE” Ohio Voter Integrity Project’s (Ohio VIP) mission is to do just that.  Ohio VIP is the group that has submitted over 450 voter challenges and anomalies in Hamilton County since August 2012.  Ohio VIP works to ensure that every eligible voter has the right to cast one ballot, regardless of age, race, income and political affiliation in accordance with State and Federal […]

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Opportunity Ohio Releases Levy Calculator & School Data Tool

Today Opportunity Ohio released a new transparency tool to help citizens hold their school districts accountable for spending choices.  This tool will be especially valuable to homeowners as they try to figure out how money proposed levies will cost them annually.  The tool also contains fiscal information for each district.  Please check out this groundbreaking tool here.

Below is the press release that Opportunity Ohio sent out earlier today:

Contact:  Mary McCleary, 614-636-2663

Opportunity Ohio Releases Groundbreaking […]

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Opportunity Ohio Releases 2012-2013 Teacher Salaries

Opportunity Ohio released new K-12 teacher salary data this morning.  Check out their website to search the database.  This information is especially important as many school districts are asking taxpayers for additional money in November.  Generally speaking, employee compensation accounts for about 80 percent of any district’s expenditures.  Also, keep in mind that most school employees only work about 180 days per year, whereas the normal work year consists of 260 days.

September 27, […]

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“Mr. Allah” registered in Hamilton County

August 29, 2013
“The God Devine Refinement Allah” is the latest of Ohio VIP’s challenged voters at the Hamilton County Board of Elections (BOE). Registered to vote on October 3, 2012, Mr. Allah was accepted by the Hamilton County BOE and entered onto the voter rolls at an address which does not exist.
This is NO JOKE! Click here to view the registration.
At the Hamilton County BOE meeting on Tuesday 8/27, Mary Siegel, who challenged Mr. […]

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