State School Board of Ohio attempt to eliminate American Government Testing

Liberals on the Ohio State School Board are trying to eliminate American Government and History​ testing in Ohio.​

The State School Board will meet on Sept. 18th and 19th (2017) (YES, that is tomorrow and the day after!) to consider a proposal urging the Ohio Legislature to eliminate the required end-of-course testing in American Government and History. Six years ago, we were able to get a law passed for the Founding of America Documents curriculum, which guarantees that […]

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You are invited to Ohio Liberty Coalition’s Statewide Meeting, Sat Nov 15

You are cordially invited
to the  Ohio Liberty Coalition’s
Statewide Meeting
Date:  Saturday, November 15th

Time: 10:00 am to 3:30 pm

Place: The Hope Center of Marysville, 212 Chestnut St, Marysville, OH 43040

Are The Patriots Coming? You betcha! Mark your calendar for this opportunity to better equip your group with organizing and starting groups, increasing membership, making better use of social media, the power of a statewide PAC and learning what works with other groups. […]

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Obituary of Brenda Lee Mack

Brenda Lee Mack
1957 – 2014
Canfield – Brenda Lee Mack, 57, passed away peacefully, Saturday morning, November 1, 2014 at St. Elizabeth Health Center after a short illness.

Brenda was born July 17, 1957 in Salem, a daughter of Richard and Bernice Wells Hill.

Raised in Lisbon, she was a 1976 graduate of Southern Local High School. Brenda attended Harding Business College in Youngstown, received a business degree from Kent State University, and was to graduate in […]

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Last Minute Tips for Election Workers

November 3, 2014
Here are a few last minute suggestions for Election Day workers:
1. Dress is business casual – shirt and/or sweater and slacks that are comfortable. Remember to wear comfortable shoes!
2. Small cooler with drinks, snacks, lunch, etc. – there may be a fridge at your facility. You will get 1 hour for lunch and can leave the facility at that time. Lunch can be a bit later since you will be there late. […]

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Gun Owners from 18 States Join Buckeye Firearms Association’s New Membership Program


October 23, 2014

COLUMBUS, OH – Buckeye Firearms Association (BFA) has announced a new membership program to help grow resources and further its mission to advocate for Second Amendment rights.

Just days old, this program has already attracted well over 500 members from Ohio and 17 other states, including Alaska, California, Florida, and Texas. The Association expects to have over 1,000 members by the end of the month and will push to reach 10,000 […]

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Justices French and Kennedy Rule for Top Donors Over 88 Percent of the Time

Justice French ruled for Constitutionally Limited Government in Zero of Eight Critical Cases, Justice Kennedy in Five of Eight
Columbus, OH – The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law today shared research previously prepared for various citizen groups demonstrating that (1) Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judith French ruled for constitutionally limited government on zero of the eight critical occasions examined, while Justice Sharon Kennedy has ruled so on five of those eight occasions; and (2) Justice […]

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Voter Guides for November 4th General Election

Here is a list of voter guides which you may find helpful as you prepare to vote in the November 4th general election. This list is by no means complete for the entire state.  If you know of other guides, please comment below.

Statewide Guides
Ohio Citizens PAC
Buckeye Firearms Association
Ohio Christian Alliance
Ohio Right to Life
The New American Freedom Index
Ohio Supreme Court Voter Information
State Board of Education Candidates Who Support Repeal of Common Core
Hamilton County
Hamilton County Liberty […]

Workplace Freedom Update Week of 8/31

Sue Ellen King, Meta Hahn and Louann were busy again this past holiday weekend collecting signatures for Workplace Freedom. This time their venue to collect was the Upper Arlington Arts Festival. Thanks to their industriousness, 146 more signatures were collected.

Although some union members they encountered there objected and said that Labor Day was sacred and shouldn’t be defiled by right-to-work petition gatherers, the park turned out to be a great venue for signature gathering.

We […]

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BIG NEWS-Ohio Forges A New Path Towards Repeal!

Today, Speaker Pro Tempore, Matt Huffman outlined a path to prioritize legislation he has jointly sponsored with Representative Andy Thompson that will advance and expedite Ohio’s Common Core repeal effort.Representative Huffman described a course of action in the next few weeks that will include:Introduction of new repeal legislation that builds upon Sub HB237 and incorporates solutions to address the complexities of repeal experienced by other statesAssignment of the legislation to the Rules and Reference Committee under the direction […]

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OHIO, WE WERE #1…Rebroadcast July 29th!

REBROADCAST – Tuesday, July 29th at select theaters. View locations here.OHIO – You did it!! The only states with higher attendance and tweets, California, Texas and Florida had nearly two to three times as many theaters! So based on population…WE WERE #1!  Hey Columbus, can you hear us now? WE WILL NOT CONFORM!Rescue your children from the state, reclaim your classroom and restore your country. TRIFOLD FLYERHB237 POSTCARDWhat Every Parent Should Know About Common Core-OACCWhat Ohioans Need […]

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