Hundreds Attend Statewide OLC Meeting – Pictures

Hundreds gathered near Columbus on Saturday, July 26th, for Ohio Liberty Coalition’s statewide meeting “Reload 4 Liberty 2014.” It was an action packed event featuring speakers on a wide array of topics.

Kicking off the meeting, Ohio Liberty Coalition President, Glenn Newman said,
“The Mission Statement of the Ohio Liberty Coalition is to unite, inform, and empower Ohio freedom-loving groups and citizens to affect policy in favor of liberty…Today you are going to hear from a […]

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Reload 4 Liberty 2014!

You are cordially invited to a statewide meeting for Ohio patriots.

Reload 4 Liberty 2014!

Lets get together and keep fighting for liberty in Ohio! This will be a good opportunity to better equip your group’s tool box. We have a great line up, networking and lunch planned. Learn what others are working on across the state that you and your group can get involved in. Please feel free to invite other patriots and conservatives. All are […]

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Citizens taking back the Mississippi GOP

This week I had a chance to speak with the most amazing person. Her name is Julie Patrick and she is Chairperson of the Marshall County, Mississippi Republican Party. Before all the election shenanigans surrounding Thad Cochran, her citizen-led local party censured him for not standing on principle as an elected Republican official. “Thad Cochran

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Talking Central Committee with Glenn Beck

Yesterday was a day for radio. It started off with a group of us getting up early and spending an hour on 550KRC’s morning show with Brian Thomas. We had a terrific time talking about local victories in our battle for the citizens to take back the parties through the central committee process. After such

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Talking Central Committee with 55KRC’s Brian Thomas

Wednesday, a few of us appeared on the 550KRC morning show with Brian Thomas to talk about our recent successes with citizens taking back the political parties through central committee. On hand were Ohio Precinct Project co-founder, Rick Herron; newly elected “tea party” Warren County Republican Party Chairman, Ray Warrick; and Libertas Project Board Member, John Stevenot.

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Common Core “Stop Jeb Now” Rally – Pictures

In Cincinnati on Monday, the RNC held a $32,400 per “co-chair” fundraiser with featured speaker, former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush. Rally attendees were on hand from Ohioans Against Common Core to point out to Mr. Bush – a major pro Common Core cheerleader – that both the Hamilton County GOP and the RNC have passed

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Ohio grassroots local GOP takeovers

I have been writing for months about the importance of citizen engagement in taking over party infrastructures – namely through central committee. In taking such a public position on this rather controversial topic, I have heard it all… “I’m an independent, the parties are beyond repair.” “The system is rigged.” “They’ll lie, cheat, and steal

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What Set Up the Cantor Defeat?

If you are a regular reader of my articles, you know I have been beating the drum about the importance of grassroots citizens taking over local party infrastructures in order to win more races. The big news on Tuesday night was “tea party” challenger David Brat’s stunning primary defeat of Republican House Majority Leader, Eric

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Common Core “Rally for Repeal” Pics

Ohioans Against Common Core held their Common Core “Rally for Repeal” in the Columbus statehouse atrium on Wednesday. Hundreds were on hand to hear speakers and legislators discuss this important issue. Action Item: Call your legislator and respectfully ask him or her to sign the “Discharge Petition” which would allow HB237 the “Common Core Repeal Bill”

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Why incumbents keep winning

If you are like most people, you are probably at a loss to explain the one-sided primary election results we are seeing so far this cycle. Is it due to weak candidates? Poor messaging? Unfavorable press? A lack of funding? “Extreme” ideology? Don’t be too sure… Conditions are indeed ripe for some changes at the

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