We have all heard the number from the Associated Press – 4.2 million health insurance cancellation Ships_The_ship_and_the_wave_of_the_tsunami_022366_notices sent to customers in the individual market as a result of Obamacare.  But that’s nothing compared to what’s to come.

Fox News reports that by next fall a second wave of cancellation notices will hit that will make the first wave look like a ripple.  50 – 100 million cancellation notices are expected  beginning in October 2014 as businesses prepare for the employer mandate to finally kick-in beginning January 2015.

Small businesses with 50 or more employees are predicted to be hardest hit with many possibly choosing to cancel insurance altogether or provide employees with a stipend to purchase insurance on the Obamacare exchanges.

Even small businesses with fewer than 50 employees will be affected.  These businesses are not subject to the employer mandate, but if they elect to provide insurance to their employees, the insurance still must meet the benefit standards under Obamacare.  Many businesses which generously provided insurance in the past, simply won’t be able to afford the new benefit standards.

The cancellations notices are not really news to Ohio Project volunteers who warned potential Health Care Freedom Amendment petition signers that their health care was in jeopardy under Obamacare.  Many volunteers were ridiculed for their prediction, but kept plugging away regardless knowing that burying their heads in the sand would not stop the looming health care implosion.

The Obama administration and Democrats are finally feeling the political heat over Obamacare, but will it be enough to force them to reverse course?  No matter how badly Democrats muck-up the works, they never seem to feel the heat like the Republicans do.

Take Mitt Romney as an example.  In the 2012 election, Romney was vilified for the death of a woman whose husband lost his health insurance after Bain Capital closed the steel plant where he worked.  Never mind that Romney was not employed by Bain at the time and that the woman received insurance from her own employer.  In an outrageous campaign ad, Romney was still blamed for the woman’s eventual death from cancer.  The news media kept the story alive by covering the advertisement ad nauseum.

Will we hear similar stories now that Obama is responsible for a tsunami of health insurance cancellations?

It’s going to be a difficult holiday season for the 4.2 million Americans who now have to scurry around to secure health care for their families.  And next Christmas is sizing up to be even worse.

Americans need some relief from the oppressive policies of the Obama administration, but unfortunately it will probably take 100 million cancellation notices to affect a change in course.

The Obama administration is content to watch the private health care market unravel believing its demise will make a single-payer system one-step closer.  Americans cannot count on the mainstream media to provide hard-hitting reporting on the senseless harm Obamacare is inflicting on innocent people and too many citizens are unwilling to find the truth on their own.  Unfortunately, many will have to experience the harm first-hand and perhaps then they will learn that socialism does not pay, and that it is better to ignore the man who has never held a job in health care in his life, but says he can cover everyone at a lower price.