Hillary Clinton: "What difference does it make"There are many important issues Ohio patriots are fighting as we move deeper into the second term of the Obama presidency, Obamacare and its Medicaid expansion, IRS abuse of tea party groups, Common Core, Agenda 21, preserving second amendment rights and amnesty for illegal immigrants to name a few.  All are important and deserve the steadfast commitment it will take to come out on the side of freedom which each of these matters are about in their own way.

But, there is another issue the tea party movement should also keep in the forefront and deserves more attention than it is getting.  It is about finding truth for the Benghazi heroes and holding the Obama administration accountable for its dereliction of duty and its downright desertion of the US citizens they put in harm’s way.

The Obama administration and maybe even some high level elected Republicans just want the Benghazi attack to go the way of Fast and Furious.  Hold some hearings, show some outrage, promise to bring some people to justice and then wait until the public’s short attention span is focused on yet another Obama outrage, manufactured criminal trial or Hollywood scandal.  It is the sad state of affairs in the era of 24 hour news coverage when the public is more intent on experiencing the shock value of a story rather than coming to any meaningful and responsible resolution.  Former Navy SEAL Ben Smith tells it like it is,

 “They are closing down the avenues for us to get an investigation into this to find out the facts…They are stonewalling you.  They are slow rolling this so you can get caught up in some other scandal.”

Ben Smith and his brothers of Special Operations Speaks are not going to let that happen.  Neither are a few good and decent Congressmen who are getting behind a bill, HR 36, introduced by Representative Frank Wolf (R-Virginia) which calls for the appointment of a House Select Committee on the terrorist attack in Benghazi.  The Committee would have subpoena power so that the American people can learn fully what happened in Benghazi and what actions the Obama administration took in response.

With a Republican led House of Representatives, one would think getting HR 36 passed would be a no brainer.  Unfortunately, the opposite is true.  Representative Steve Stockman (R-Texas) has had to introduce a discharge petition to demand the House of Representatives schedule a vote on HR 36.  And on July 23rd, Special Operations Speaks held an event on Capitol Hill at which they unrolled a petition signed by 1,000 special operations veterans demanding a House Select Committee to fully investigate the Benghazi terrorist attack.  161 House Republicans have signed the discharge petition, but 218 are needed.  Notably, Ohio’s own John Boehner has not signed the petition and is standing in the way of a vote on HR 36.  Bob Adams of Revive America USA spoke at the Capitol Hill event and gave some background on Speaker Boehner’s thoughts regarding the appointment of a Select Committee.  He said,

“But when Speaker Boehner was asked about appointing the House Select Committee back in April, the House Speaker said that Benghazi had quote, ‘not risen to that level.’ With all due respect Mr. Speaker, exactly when does a murderous terrorist attack rise to that level?”

Why is the Benghazi attack important?  Former Navy SEAL  Ben Smith tells us,

“Benghazi.  9/11. There was a message.  There was a reason why it was that day.  Your countrymen, your servicemen…were blown off sovereign US territory.  Their position was taken.  Americans were killed, only four this time.  How many next time?”

Call your Congressman and ask him or her to sign the discharge petition so that Representative Frank Wolf’s bill calling for a Select Committee can have an up or down vote.  Special Operations Speaks has also asked all tea party groups to devote part or all of their August meetings to the Benghazi attack in light of its upcoming one year anniversary and the lack of resolve on the part of our government to get to the bottom of the matter.  Special Operation Speaks will have information on their website to help in the planning of tea party meetings.  They also ask that you take videos of your presentations to share on the Special Operations Speaks website.

Unfortunately, we live in a time when we cannot count on our representatives – Democrats or Republicans – to do the right thing.  We must push them to do it.  We must raise our voices for the men who died in Benghazi giving their last breath for the cause of freedom.  If you need further motivation to pick up the phone, read the words of the retired Marine, Lt. Col. Frederick A. Peterson III who spoke at the Capitol Hill event on July 23rd.

“The remark, ‘What difference does it make,’ is particularly appalling…This is about honor.  This is about duty.  This is about loyalty, your loyalty (emphasis his) to those who have stood on the outer walls of democracy and the idea of liberty and gave their lives so that we may be here safe and comfortable.”

Watch the Special Operations Speaks Capital Hill event here.

Find Special Operations Speaks website here.