It may be hard for some Americans to wrap their minds around it.  I’m talking about images-1those of us who appreciate the convenience and the myriad of choices available to consumers in a free market economy.  But, in a country where you can buy a Big Mac 24 hours a day and download a movie off Netflix at 2 A.M., you cannot buy health insurance for the next eight months — an odd conundrum  to have four years into the implementation of a health care reform law guaranteed to provide lower premiums and universal coverage for all!  Ho, ho ho!!!

It’s not simply an odd conundrum, however.  It is one of the intended consequences of Obamacare, a law more about corralling and compelling than about health care coverage.  In order to give health insurance companies some certainty over the make-up of their risk pools, and thus their pricing models, the enrollment period for the Obamacare exchange was purposely made short and finite to trap consumers into the market and avoid those prone to enter and exit as their health ebbs and flows.

So, as Fox News reports, as it stands today, consumers cannot buy an ACA qualified individual or family policy on or off the Obamacare exchange until January 1, 2015.  Tens of millions of Americans currently without health insurance are blocked from entering the health insurance market unless they undergo a significant life event such as a marriage, divorce, birth of a child, or loss of a job.

How this market restriction could be labeled a reform under any definition of the word is perplexing, especially in a country historically known for an economic system nimble enough to maintain the free flow of goods despite even catastrophic occurrences.  Obamacare, though, is a catastrophic occurrence like no other.

When Americans were told, if you like your health insurance you can keep it, the words were meant to reassure us that Obamacare would mean business as usual for the 84% of Americans who had insurance in 2009, before the law’s implementation.  Turns out, this was just the first of many broken promises Obamacare would bring.

Not being able to purchase a product once freely available before the federal government got involved, should make all of us stop and think.  What has America become?  Where is it heading?  And, how do we turn it around?

Let’s hope we can count on all the Big Mac-eating, late-night-movie-watching Americans (like me), to wake up before its too late.