Today, Speaker Pro Tempore, Matt Huffman outlined a path to prioritize legislation he has jointly sponsored with Representative Andy Thompson that will advance and expedite Ohio’s Common Core repeal effort.

Representative Huffman described a course of action in the next few weeks that will include:

  • Introduction of new repeal legislation that builds upon Sub HB237 and incorporates solutions to address the complexities of repeal experienced by other states
  • Assignment of the legislation to the Rules and Reference Committee under the direction of Chairman Huffman
  • Sponsor and first round of supporting testimony planned for August 12th
  • Supporting testimony continues the week of August 18th
  • An expeditious path to bring the legislation to the House Floor for a vote

Please read Ohioans Against Common Core’s remarks here. We welcome this partnership and appreciate our inclusion in today’s press conference. Stay tuned and engaged. We ARE making a difference. Stay calm and march on!

**Reminder – The rebroadcast of “We Will Not Conform” is Tuesday, July 29th at select theaters. If you missed it last week, please consider tomorrow’s showing and invite a friend. Ohio’s effort is really heating up and we need all Ohioans to join this critical work to protect our children and their future. (Note: Not all 7/22 theaters are participating in the rebroadcast. Check theater locations here.)


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