To Everyone,

As you know, one of the leadership team from our Patriot Group has been forging a 4 year battle with cancer. He has courageously undergone three rounds of chemo in this fight, never quite willing to give up and say, ‘let’s quit’… Bob was not a person to back up, once he started going forward. For Robert (Bob) Silliman, that battle ended in the morning on Wednesday August 26th. One of the last reports that we have from Bob’s progress, came from a friend who visited him sometime before his final hour. And we did appreciate that report.

To many of us, Bob was a good friend. Personally, he and I enjoyed many, many breakfasts together at the Country Times Restaurant in Antwerp, where we talked about the politics and the events of the day, as well as the comparative tenets of our faith….. and we always were able to share those conversations amiably with each other…. something that does not seem to occur frequently these days in a very divided America. And we were never very far apart on any issue, even though there were some ‘particulars’ where we did differ; but by far, there were far more areas that strongly united us than divided us; and we ever ceased to rally around these common points. But that is the way all humanity should be. I will always remember those conversations and relish those exchanges.

Bob was one of the founding leadership members of our Paulding County 9-12 Patriot Group. In fact, it was Bob who was more ‘on fire’ to start the group than others of us…. He truly had a vision for living in a land where Liberty and Freedom were the cornerstones of our society. And he felt a deep pang of sadness as he saw those precious commodities being removed from the forefronts of our thinking. And I used the word, ‘commodities’ here, because Bob understood that they were indeed ‘commodities,’ even in the economic sense of the term, because they did not come in unlimited quantities, but at great expense and sacrifice from us all, the guardians of such ideas. And so, he worked diligently to do what he could to preserve them.

But Bob was more than a Patriot, and a Friend. He was a great Father and provider for his family; and from our conversations, I know he greatly loved them and treasured his times with them. One of the most highlighted events of his life was his camping and fishing trips with his sons and grandsons. To a dad, ‘the boys’ hold a ‘special’ place in his heart; while his daughters always hold that ‘precious’ corner to be cherished there. I speak from experience here.

But to others, Bob was also a great ‘Brother’ in the Lord , and especially to members of his Church family. We all knew Bob and what he stood for, and the quality of life that he proclaimed and attempted to live. And it is this bit of knowledge that gives us great comfort in these times of his passing and the days ahead.

The final arrangements include a time of viewing and family visitation at the Dooley Funeral Home in Antwerp on Sunday August 30th, from 2:00 until 6:00 PM. The final services will be at St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Hicksville, OH on Monday, August 31, 11:00 AM.

Bob, you will surely be missed by your family and friends…

Robert Cooper
Paulding County 9-12 Patriots