Capitol Building, Washington DC - corporate welfare centerIt’s always good to know who your friends are, and for the Tea Party, it’s not big business as is evident in Rick Moran’s American Thinker post, “Business lobbyists cheer Boehner smackdown of conservative groups.” 

Moran points out that business groups are grateful for Speaker Boehner’s rebuke of the Tea Party and of conservative groups such as Heritage Action and Freedomworks.  Moran’s post quotes David French of the National Retail Federation,

“The business community has been uniformly frustrated at how strident the ideological groups have been in defiance of reason.”

The business lobby still has its feathers in a ruffle over the government shutdown battle where Boehner and Co. largely gave in to tea party pressure to push for the defunding and delay of Obamacare.  Republicans do not feel they came out looking too well after that battle, but if they had any smarts, they would highlight that they were right in demanding the delay of Obamacare as it clearly is not ready for prime time.

Conservative groups are not taking Boehner’s rebuke or big business’ revelry in it lying down.  Moran quotes Club for Growth’s Barney Keller who explains that business is a natural ally to big government since corporations are one of the biggest recipients of public welfare.

Dan Holler of Heritage Action is quoted as well noting that K Street’s backing of the budget deal only “confirms that the deal was bad” and Speaker Boehner’s rebuke shows “the game is rigged.”

Moran wraps it up by adding,

“What corporations large and small seek more than anything else is stability. If that means going along with Democrats on a bad budget deal, so be it. If it means amnesty for some illegals, so be it. If it means raising the debt ceiling without a lot of fuss, so be it.”

The Tea Party wants stability too, but in the form of fiscal stability.  And that will only come about with fundamental change in the way Washington does business.

Going along to get along does not work with the Tea Party.  We’re not concerned with this quarter’s profits.  We’re concerned with long-term debt.  The top priority on our mind is returning the power of the purse and the promise of freedom to the those that make this country work and for whom it was established – known lovingly as “We, the People”.

Read Rick Moran’s post here.