The latest brain-child to come out of Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor’s offices is what is commonly known in the UnknownNBA as a “pump fake” where a player fakes a shot then passes to an open man or drives to the basket. has learned House leadership plans to introduce a Continuing Resolution this week which funds the government at sequester levels and includes an amendment that defunds Obamacare. The defunding amendment, however, can be quickly tossed aside if the CR package reaches the Democrat Senate where the CR, free of any Obamacare defunding language, could easily pass and move onto the President for signature. A government shutdown will be avoided, pesky tea partiers will have their defunding vote and House and Senate conservatives will have their cover.

Sounds like the perfect plan for the spineless opportunists leading the Obamacare opposition efforts in the GOP, but Americans opposed to Obamacare can do something about it. The Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF) points out that just 16 Republicans are needed to stop the CR package and they have provided a list of Congressmen who need to be contacted immediately as the House vote on the CR could take place Thursday.

Senator Ted Cruz released a statement regarding the House leadership’s chicanery and his message should be conveyed to the Republicans on SCF’s list.

“House Republicans should pass a continuing resolution that funds government in its entirety — except Obamacare — and that explicitly prohibits spending any federal money, mandatory or discretionary, on Obamacare. They should not use any procedural chicanery to enable Harry Reid to circumvent that vote.”

Please call the your US House Rep and those Reps on SCR’s list found here. Tell them that cheap tricks won’t stop Obamacare care and legislative maneuvering designed to avoid bad press is not why Mr. Boehner and the rest of House leadership were sent to Washington.