From Your-Name-On-The-Ballot..

Many conservative groups and organizations across Ohio have created their own Political Action Committees (PAC). This allows these groups to directly support conservative candidates and issues in their areas and across the state.

We are compiling a list of these Ohio based conservative PAC’s.  This list will be published on our “Resources” page in an effort to allow candidates and donors the ability to reach your PAC directly.  We’re also working on a State map that shows where these PAC’s are located. This should make it easier for candidates and donors to reach you.

PAC’s can raise and spend money on candidates and issues, but just as important, a PAC can also endorse a candidate.

When a conservative candidate receives your PAC’s endorsement, it adds significant legitimacy to the candidate’s platform.  The PAC anticipates (-or- expects) that the candidate will follow through on campaign promises once elected.

If you are a PAC please consider adding your name to this list. CLICK HERE