On Friday Governor Kasich initiated his attempt to bypass the state legislature by requesting the Ohio Controlling UnknownBoard to appropriate Obamacare funds for Medicaid expansion. Doing so ignores the will of the people who have fought for eight months to stop Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion in Ohio and ignores the constitutional limits established to preserve the checks and balances that serve as the basis of our government.

The Controlling Board is a function of the Office of Management and Budget and the Ohio Assembly and serves as “..a mechanism for handling certain limited day-to-day adjustments needed in the state budget.”

The board is made up of an appointee from the OMB who serves as President along with two Democrats and two Republicans from the Ohio Assembly.

Media Trackers reported on Friday that Ohio Revised Code states the Controlling “shall take no action which does not carry out the legislative intent of the general assembly.”

Having rejected Medicaid expansion, the state legislature clearly has no shown legislative intent to expand Medicaid.

Governor Kasich needs four votes to get expansion passed through the Controlling Board. He currently has three, the President of the Board and the two Democrats. Kasich will need to convince one of the four Republicans who serve on the board to go against the state legislature and the Republican base to expand Medicaid.

Please Call Now:

Call every member of the Ohio Controlling Board and tell them to reject Kasich’s request to appropriate Obamacare funds to expand Medicaid in Ohio.  The Board should uphold the action of the state legislature when it rejected Medicaid expansion and respect the will of the people of Ohio.

Senator Bill Coley  (R) – (614) 466-8072

Senator Chris Widener (R) – (614) 466-3780

Representative Ron Amstutz (R) – (614) 466-1474

Representative Cliff Rosenberger (R) – (614) 466-3506

Senator Tom Sawyer (D) – (614) 466-7041

Representative Chris Redfern (D) – (614) 644-6011

The people of Ohio have stopped Medicaid expansion to date by making our voices heard. We can win this battle if we continue to speak out. Make sure the Controlling Board knows they are not the voice of the people. The state legislature is and it has already spoken.