The Westerville Tea Party has just purchased a new  printer/scanner funded by raffle money they were able to collect at a recent OLC meeting and a contribution from the Westerville Tea Party funds.  With all of the scanning that needs done we needed more than 1 person doing the scanning.  With
the 2nd machine we can have 2 people doing this.
The 4th of July was a goldmine for signatures at all of the parades that were around.  The spectators have nothing to do before the parade and
are eager to talk and find out what the signature gathering is all about!! Keep your eyes open for parades to collect at. You need to have as many
people as you can collect  at a parade, since there are so many people there.THE MORE PEOPLE THAT COLLECT SIGNATURES THE SOONER WE CAN OBTAIN THE NUMBER OF SIGNATURES WE NEED.

We are collecting at the libraries also in Central Ohio. The libraries have rest rooms, water fountains inside and most of them have a
great roof that keeps you out of the sun and rain!!  The library has long hours and is always there and close to your home!!
Some of the folks that sign your petition, will also like to volunteer to be prepared to get their name and phone number and some orientation
so that they can succeed and not be frustrated.
Blank petitions are available as a PDF on the Ohioans for Workplace Freedom website. (CLICK HERE)
Don’t forget County Fairs and Car shows also!! You can get lots of signatures in a short period of time in these places!IMPORTANT – If your County has any Primary Elections in September / August – Plan on collecting signatures at the voting locations.