Appeals Court Ruling Exposes the Lie of the Affordable Care Act

Liberty-minded folks should take heart that the fight against Obamacare and for health care freedom is far from over.  Two conflicting appeals court rulings were handed down today which show that the Affordable Care Act is not settled law by any stretch of the imagination.

In a 2-1 decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit ruled that the tax subsidies which make the insurance premiums on the Obamacare exchanges affordable to average […]

Frederick Douglass Assembly for Truth, Justice, and Equality

Please join The Frederick Douglas Foundation on August 28th at the
Frederick Douglass Assembly for Truth, Justice, and Equality
The Word Mega Plex Auditorium
18909 South Miles Road

Warrensville Heights
6:00 pm until 9:00 pm.  
Food, Music, Entertainment, and Enlightenment
Doors Open at 5:30 pm
The Frederick Douglass Foundation, along with several local grass roots organizations in the Cleveland area, is sponsoring the Frederick Douglass Assembly for Truth, Justice, and Equality as a celebration of the life and wisdom of Frederick Douglass.  The Foundation needs your help to […]

Kasich’s Job Creation Record Seen in a Different Light

Jason Hart of Media Trackers shows us that a picture’s worth a thousand words in his recent tweet.  Hart provides a chart which juxtaposes Governor Kasich’s net job creation record with his Obamacare Medicaid expansion enrollment.


Numbers don’t lie.  It looks like the Governor has been more successful increasing government dependency than he has been at setting Ohioans on the course to financial independence.

Ohio Medicaid has released its June 2014 caseload report which informs us […]

OHIO, WE WERE #1…We Will NOT Conform!!

OHIO – You did it!! The only states with higher attendance and tweets, California and Texas, had nearly three times as many theaters! So based on population…WE WERE #1!  Hey Columbus, can you hear us now? WE WILL NOT CONFORM!Take your children back from the state, reclaim your classroom and restore your country. TRIFOLD FLYERHB237 POSTCARDWhat Every Parent Should Know About Common Core-OACCWhat Ohioans Need to Know About Common CoreAction Item – Ohioans Against Common […]

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Citizens taking back the Mississippi GOP

This week I had a chance to speak with the most amazing person. Her name is Julie Patrick and she is Chairperson of the Marshall County, Mississippi Republican Party. Before all the election shenanigans surrounding Thad Cochran, her citizen-led local party censured him for not standing on principle as an elected Republican official. “Thad Cochran

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Tea Party’s Strength in Southwest Ohio Turning Heads

Despite a couple of quotes likening the tea party to a sleeper cell and a bad cholesterol reading, the Cincinnati Enquirer writes a nice piece about the tea party’s strength in Southwest Ohio with some quotes from some familiar liberty group members.

The Enquirer mentions two recent tea party wins – in Warren county where 12 of the 13 GOP leadership positions went to the tea party and in Clermont county where all six of […]

Common Core Repeal Picking Up Steam Nationwide

Louisiana joins Indiana, South Carolina and Oklahoma as the fourth state to pull out of the Common Core Standards.  Governor Bobby Jindal notified the creators and copyright holders of the Standards, the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council for Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), of Louisiana’s withdrawal from Common Core, and he ordered the state’s Department of Education and the Board of Secondary and Elementary Education (BESE) to develop new standards for the […]

Medicaid Expansion Enrollment Figures On Track to Outpace Kasich’s Estimate

A June 11th report from Gongwer News Service outlines the latest enrollment figures from the Department of Medicaid for Kasich’s implementation of Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion.

243,230 Ohioans enrolled in Medicaid as of the end of May, just five months from the start date of the program.  36,000 applications remain pending approval.

During the Medicaid expansion debate, the Kasich administration told Ohioans that 366,000 people would enroll in Medicaid expansion by end of June 2015.  So just […]

Kasich Talks the Talk and Walks the Walk with the Taxpayer’s Dime

Governor Kasich spoke about his economic vision for Ohio at a bill signing ceremony at the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.  Kasich had just put his signature to the mid-term budget bill, the hallmark of which was a package of tax cuts – increasing the earned income tax credit for low-income Ohioans from 5 to 10 percent and accelerating by one year the state income tax cut from 9 to 10 percent.

Media Trackers does an excellent […]

Tea Party Elected to Lead Warren County GOP

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that the tea party has taken control of the Warren County Republican Party winning 12 leadership spots at the June 10th re-organizational meeting.  An “alliance” between conservatives and tea party members made way for the takeover.

Five tea party candidates won leadership positions including the party’s new chairman, Ray Warrick.  Another seven tea party members were elected to the executive, central, and at-large committees.

The Enquirer points out that Warren County is […]


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