Bob Sillman, A friend and a leader

To Everyone,

As you know, one of the leadership team from our Patriot Group has been forging a 4 year battle with cancer. He has courageously undergone three rounds of chemo in this fight, never quite willing to give up and say, ‘let’s quit’… Bob was not a person to back up, once he started going forward. For Robert (Bob) Silliman, that battle ended in the morning on Wednesday August 26th. One of the last […]

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OLC – Statewide Meeting September 19th

You are cordially invited to the  Ohio Liberty Coalition’s  Statewide Meeting
Date:  Saturday, September 19th
Time:  9:00am – 3:30pm
Place:  The Hope Center of Marysville 212 Chestnut St, Marysville, OH 43040

Please mark your calendars for this statewide event. We will have Ohio Supreme Court Candidates, an update on Voter Photo ID, Ohio Citizens for Property Rights, Exhibitors, and Special Guest Speakers. Network with Patriots from around Ohio, and join us for a delicious lunch!

We again, are opening our […]

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A Common Core “Data Sharing Agreement” every parent must read

From Ohioans against Common Core.

The Straight A Fund is a $250 Million grant fund established in Governor Kasich’s biennium budget. It is touted as an innovation program, stating “educators now have an unprecedented opportunity to put good ideas into action”. To no one’s surprise, it is the same cast of characters using millions of Ohio tax dollars to capitalize on your child’s personal and education data for the benefit of the education establishment and […]

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Nullification – When the Federal Government exceeds their authority

Eds note: While attended a Paulding County 912 meeting recently and listened to Jim Sponseller talk about Nullification.  He agreed to put that presentation into a short article that explains exactly what Nullification is.



Legal Theory of Principal and Agent, or, Master and Servant:

 “Nullification” is the tool that our founding fathers declared to be the ultimate way to reign in the newly created federal government should it, at any time in the future, try to […]

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You’ve been watching the news – Want to know what you can do about it?

If you’ve been watching the news the past few weeks,  You’ve seen Iran treaties,  Planned Parenthood, Trump rising to the top of the polls etc, etc, etc.

Do you spend 1-2 hours a month sitting in a hard metal chair at a Tea Party, 912, or conservative group meeting and you pop blood pressure meds like tic-tacs?

For less time then you spend sitting in that chair,  you can have a major impact in the decision […]

Gov Kasich’s run is good news for conservative voters – But they must unite

Last week Ohio’s Gov John Kasich announced his decision to throw his hat into the race for president. This announcement has Conservative voters across Ohio jumping for joy.   REALLY ?????

It’s not what you think.  :-)

Toledo Tea Party Chairman, John Mc Avoy:

“I normally don’t put a lot of value in polling numbers and survey analysis. More often than not,  these polls are conducted by the various media and news outlets for entertainment value to satisfy […]

The best 18 minutes of my life just happened on the US Senate floor


Many of us have been fighting on the grass roots front for years.  The most frustrating of those times is when we work our butts off to get someone elected because they say their going to fight.   After we get them elected,  they not only DON’T fight,  but they actually sign on and help with the progressive / liberal movement to the left.

After a few days of putting up […]

Ohio Conservatives United launches similar program in Florida

Program that started in Ohio is being adopted in Florida.
Conservative groups across Florida band together to launch Florida Conservatives United
TAVARES, FL/TOLEDO, OH – July 23, 2015 – Florida’s Conservative, 912, Liberty, and Tea Party groups and their members now have a method of talking to each other about candidates and unity in the March 15, 2016, “Winner Take All” Florida Presidential Primary. Florida’s North Lake Tea Party leaders Andy Dubois and Carol Knighton agree […]

Green County Central Committee endorses Heartbeat Bill

By Carolyn Uecker

At the April Greene County Republican Central Committee (GCCC) meeting, a motion was made for the Committee to endorse the HeartBeat Bill (HB 69).  The bill, which had been passed by the Ohio House of Representatives earlier this year, is currently languishing in the Ohio Senate Health and Human Resources Committee.  (Apparently, there is concern that a vote for the HeartBeat Bill will result in lawsuits regarding constitutionality, as happened in Arkansas […]

Ohio Precinct Project upcoming events

For those who had the opportunity to attend the Troy event,  The Ohio Precinct Project spent three hours giving us the knowledge and tools we’ll need to turn this country around,  It does take a little effort on each of our parts,  but the rewards are significant.

Ted Stevenot and the entire Ohio Precinct Project crew will be in Toledo next Saturday (CLICK HERE) .  If you’re in a 75-100 mile radius of Toledo, please […]


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