Conservatives launch campaigns for Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee in all 66 seats

Toledo, OH – Republican voter frustration is evident by the phenomenal rise of “outsider” and “non-establishment” Republican Presidential candidates.

This frustration extends itself into the core of the party, all the way down to the foundation. In videos released in recent weeks, Ohio’s Republicans can see how the party State Central Committee (SCC) no longer represents the people. Moral values like, Honesty, Integrity, and Accountability have been set aside and replaced with “We must win […]

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Speech by Conservative Republican SCC candidate going viral

Linda O’Brien,  by her own definition,  is just an average Ohio Republican voter who just got fed up with the Ohio  Republican parties lying, cheating, corruption, bullying,  and no accountability for their actions. So, on December 15th,  Ms O’brien did like dozens of fellow conservative Republicans, she filed her paperwork to run as a State Central Committee member in Senate district 18.

Last Week, Linda O’Brien spoke about her life, her upbringing,  and about the […]

Ohio GOP fails to purge Conservative SCC members from March 15th ballot.

The Ohio Republican party State Central Committee’s (SCC) attempt to purge Conservative Republicans ran afoul for the second time in as many weeks.

Last night the Marion County Board of Elections announced that Lisa Cooper will remain on the ballot as a viable candidate for the Republican Party State Central Committee District 26 (SCC26).

The Ohio GOP’s purge attempt started three weeks ago, when they voted to endorse themselves for re-election. After a slanderous  outburst and […]

Butt Out: Rep. Vitale Moves to Nullify All Federal Gun Laws in Ohio

COLUMBUS—Jan 12, 2015 – This morning State Representative Nino Vitale (R-Urbana) called for a return to Constitutional government by introducing a bill to have all gun laws at the federal level nullified and have Ohio exercise it’s Constitutional right to control firearms laws over Ohio Citizens. Rep. Vitale has asked all members of the Ohio House of Representatives to join him in support of this bill.

Below is the text of the co-sponsor request sent […]

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OSBLC to host “School Board Essentials Training”

Ohio School Boards Leadership Council (OSBLC) to host training for potential School Board candidates, parents, teachers, etc.

Why join OSBLC?

OSBLC has a big difference in philosophy from the status quo education agenda. OSBLC supports local parents, local community and educators as the primary influence of local education. OSBLC supports being informed about the role of the parent and the role of the educator, and comprehending the economic reality they serve in. OSBLC coaches board members […]

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Trouble at Butler County GOP endorsement vote

“Why is she here?”

Last night was the endorsement vote for the 8th Congressional District seat in Ohio to replace our outgoing Congressman, Speaker John Boehner. There was no endorsement by the Butler County Republican Party Central Committee, which is expected when you have so many good candidates.  I have gotten a chance to speak to a few of the candidates, there are a few differences, but overall they are good men.

I went to the […]

County Republican Party fails to file campaign reports, Notices returned as UNDELIVERABLE

Lucas County, Ohio

Lucas County Republican Party (LCRP) Chairman Stainbrook and Deputy Gallagher once again failed to file the party campaign reports.

HOWEVER – To add insult to injury,  repeated attempts by the Lucas County Board of Election (BOE) to contact Stainbrook and Gallagher about the delinquent filings continue to go unanswered.

A Public Records request reveals that the Lucas County Board of Elections (BOE) has made numerous attempts to reach Stainbrook and Gallagher regarding the delinquent […]

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Conservative groups assist ALL presidential candidates with Ohio Delegate recruitment

As you know, Conservative group leaders have been helping many of the Republican Presidential Candidates recruit their Ohio delegates for the Republican National Convention.

What you don’t know, is that we have been doing this because the Ohio Republican Party intentionally made it extremely difficult for any non-establishment candidates to recruit delegates in Ohio.

One national campaign spokesman told me directly that they had called seven Republican County Chairmen for help in finding delegates for […]

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FOX news – Lt Col Ralph Peters goes off on Obama

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Another election passed – still no Voter ID from Ohio Legislature

On May 5th, 2015,  Rep Brenner (OH47)  with 29 sponsors  introduced HB-189 , Voter ID, to the Ohio House.

On May 12th, 2015,  HB-189 was assigned to the Government Accountability and Oversight (GAO) committee, chaired by Wood county Rep Tim Brown (OH3) .

Its now November 10th, 7 months and two or three elections later, HB-189 still sits on Rep Brown’s desk, with ZERO action.

Its been rumored that Gov Kasich has asked Rep Brown to bury […]

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