Gov Kasich’s run is good news for conservative voters – But they must unite

Last week Ohio’s Gov John Kasich announced his decision to throw his hat into the race for president. This announcement has Conservative voters across Ohio jumping for joy.   REALLY ?????

It’s not what you think.  :-)

Toledo Tea Party Chairman, John Mc Avoy:

“I normally don’t put a lot of value in polling numbers and survey analysis. More often than not,  these polls are conducted by the various media and news outlets for entertainment value to satisfy […]

The best 18 minutes of my life just happened on the US Senate floor


Many of us have been fighting on the grass roots front for years.  The most frustrating of those times is when we work our butts off to get someone elected because they say their going to fight.   After we get them elected,  they not only DON’T fight,  but they actually sign on and help with the progressive / liberal movement to the left.

After a few days of putting up […]

Ohio Conservatives United launches similar program in Florida

Program that started in Ohio is being adopted in Florida.
Conservative groups across Florida band together to launch Florida Conservatives United
TAVARES, FL/TOLEDO, OH – July 23, 2015 – Florida’s Conservative, 912, Liberty, and Tea Party groups and their members now have a method of talking to each other about candidates and unity in the March 15, 2016, “Winner Take All” Florida Presidential Primary. Florida’s North Lake Tea Party leaders Andy Dubois and Carol Knighton agree […]

Green County Central Committee endorses Heartbeat Bill

By Carolyn Uecker

At the April Greene County Republican Central Committee (GCCC) meeting, a motion was made for the Committee to endorse the HeartBeat Bill (HB 69).  The bill, which had been passed by the Ohio House of Representatives earlier this year, is currently languishing in the Ohio Senate Health and Human Resources Committee.  (Apparently, there is concern that a vote for the HeartBeat Bill will result in lawsuits regarding constitutionality, as happened in Arkansas […]

Ohio Precinct Project upcoming events

For those who had the opportunity to attend the Troy event,  The Ohio Precinct Project spent three hours giving us the knowledge and tools we’ll need to turn this country around,  It does take a little effort on each of our parts,  but the rewards are significant.

Ted Stevenot and the entire Ohio Precinct Project crew will be in Toledo next Saturday (CLICK HERE) .  If you’re in a 75-100 mile radius of Toledo, please […]

Catching the Fever – Making Ohio a Workplace Freedom State

The Westerville Tea Party has just purchased a new  printer/scanner funded by raffle money they were able to collect at a recent OLC meeting and a contribution from the Westerville Tea Party funds.  With all of the scanning that needs done we needed more than 1 person doing the scanning.  With
the 2nd machine we can have 2 people doing this.

The 4th of July was a goldmine for signatures at all of the parades that […]

Declaration of Independence being read at events across Ohio

This document, the cornerstone of our county, is being read at celebration events across Ohio.  When you hear the words,  ponder what was going on 239 years ago to drive these men to such an extreme that they were willing to make their names public, and face the lose of everything, including their lives, from an oppressive and overburdening government.

Fast forward to today, As these word are read, you will hear many of the […]

NW Ohio Conservative PAC looking for Democrat to run against Rep Kaptur (OH9)

This is a change…  Understanding the reality of gerrymandered districts,  the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition says its looking for a moderate/conservative Democrat to run against the liberal Rep Marcy Kaptur (OH9) in the Primary elections.

Rep Kaptur has been the District 9 representative since  1983.  Many District 9 Democrats are not happy with Rep Kaptur’s continuing rubber stamping of liberal issues and have contacted NWOCC  for help. The NWOCC has worked with conservative democrats before.

The […]

House Freedom Caucus Chair Jim Jordon comments on expiration of E-I bank.

House Freedom Caucus Chairman Jim Jordan made the following comments today regarding the expiration of the Export-Import Bank’s charter:

“This is a great day for taxpayers around the country who are fed up with cronyism in Washington. The charter of the Export-Import Bank, the ‘bridge to nowhere’ of corporate welfare, expired at midnight. The Bank has long been emblematic of Washington working for special interests and not for everyday Americans. The end of the Ex-Im […]

Ohio Conservatives United release June survey results

Toledo, OH.

In late April, the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition (NWOCC) launched a unique statewide program that allows Ohio’s conservatives to communicate with each other regarding their choice of conservative Presidential candidates, and their opinion in regards to changing their vote in an effort to unite around a single conservative Candidate.

Ohio Conservatives United (OCU) Spokesman John Mc Avoy says;

“Based on the survey results so far, Ohio’s conservative voters fully understand if they go to the […]


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