Ohio House Passes Health Care Compact

COLUMBUS—During today’s session, the Ohio House of Representatives passed legislation that, with approval from Congress, would give Ohio more freedom and flexibility over its healthcare policies.
House Bill 34, sponsored by Rep. Retherford and Rep. Boose, ratifies the Health Care Compact., through which Ohio would enter a multi-state contract that would secure more rights to the states for healthcare policy decisions. The measure is a response to rising costs and deficits, as well as the […]

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Ohio Precinct Project announces “Rally to Recruit”

Hello everyone,

The Ohio Precinct Project announced today it will be holding a statewide ‘Rally to Recruit’ on Saturday, October 31st at the Columbus Convention Center from 11AM – 2PM.
Register at this link.

For counties with central committee elections in the 2016 primary, the filing deadline to run is December 16, 2015. If you don’t want the cronies calling the shots in your county for another two to four years, it is time to step up […]

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Matt Lynch Welcomes Resignation of Speaker Boehner

Matt Lynch Welcomes Resignation of Speaker Boehner
Warns the Establishment to Respect Conservatives

Cleveland, OH – John Boehner announced today that he would step down as Speaker. Matt Lynch, Candidate for Congress in the Ohio 14th District, said “While some say it is a surprise, rumors in Washington have been circulating for months that this was likely to happen. Why? Because the Republican Party base has had it with the phony Republicans leading the GOP!  Surveys show […]

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Ohio Precinct Project Central Committee Trainings

Our country needs better political leadership.

Have you ever been to an election and not liked the choices?
Are you disappointed and frustrated by seeing the same “establishment” candidates on the ballot over and over again?
Are you tired of politicians continuing to spend money we don’t have and growing the size of government?
Are you tired of elected officials who won’t listen and do the opposite of what they promise?

Will your voice ever be heard? Can you be better represented?

The answer […]

Voter ID constitutional amendment signature collection started

FRUSTRATED with the inability of the Ohio Legislature over the past two sessions to pass legislation that would require voter photo ID requirement for Ohio that polls at 70% favorability in Ohio and nationally, this citizens-led initiative has launched today to place the measure on the ballot sometime in 2016.

Constitutional Amendment to Adopt Voter Photo ID Requirement for Ohio  launched today at the Ohio Liberty Coalition meeting in Marysville, Ohio.

Protect Ohio’s Vote PAC Committee […]

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Conservative voters refuse to vote for Establishment Candidates

Earlier this week, a survey went out to Ohio Conservative voters asking them how they’d vote if presented with 4 different election scenarios;  Bush, Christie, Kasich, or Trump running against Clinton or Biden.

The results were not surprising,  as conservative voters in Ohio are angry and frustrated with the “next in line” Republican Party Establishment candidates, and their unwillingness to fight for conservative values that have been the Hallmark of Republicans for 100’s of years.

Frustration […]

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Jordan Town Hall in Amherst

From Michal M of TEA in Lorain County.

Rep. Jim Jordan held a town hall in Amherst on September 1, and began by listing major policy changes as well as political problems that have occurred over the last two months. Because we are constantly inundated with 24/7 news cycles that are more interested in ratings than in content, people may not recognize how significant these issues actually are. Over the last ten weeks:

the Supreme Court […]

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Bob Sillman, A friend and a leader

To Everyone,

As you know, one of the leadership team from our Patriot Group has been forging a 4 year battle with cancer. He has courageously undergone three rounds of chemo in this fight, never quite willing to give up and say, ‘let’s quit’… Bob was not a person to back up, once he started going forward. For Robert (Bob) Silliman, that battle ended in the morning on Wednesday August 26th. One of the last […]

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OLC – Statewide Meeting September 19th

You are cordially invited to the  Ohio Liberty Coalition’s  Statewide Meeting

Date:  Saturday, September 19th
Time:  9:00am – 3:30pm
Place:  The Hope Center of Marysville 212 Chestnut St, Marysville, OH 43040
Please mark your calendars for this statewide event. We will have Ohio Supreme Court Candidates, an update on Voter Photo ID, Ohio Citizens for Property Rights, Exhibitors, and Special Guest Speakers. Network with Patriots from around Ohio, and join us for a delicious lunch!

We again, are opening our […]

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A Common Core “Data Sharing Agreement” every parent must read

From Ohioans against Common Core.

The Straight A Fund is a $250 Million grant fund established in Governor Kasich’s biennium budget. It is touted as an innovation program, stating “educators now have an unprecedented opportunity to put good ideas into action”. To no one’s surprise, it is the same cast of characters using millions of Ohio tax dollars to capitalize on your child’s personal and education data for the benefit of the education establishment and […]

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