Blow to Minnesota’s Health Exchange Signals Broader Obamacare Woes

Obamacare does not seem to be working as expected in the State of Minnesota.  Its state-based health exchange known as Mnsure received a major blow with the announcement that its lowest cost insurance provider, Preferred One, will be pulling out.

Preferred One had garnered 59% of the Mnsure customer base by offering the lowest premiums of any of the four remaining insurance providers.  But the company indicated that continuing to do so was “not sustainable” […]

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A Tale of Two Kasichs

The Cleveland Plain Dealer asks if a conservative advocacy group with close ties to Governor Kasich is laying the groundwork for a Kasich presidential run.  While it’s no surprise to most Ohioans that the Governor has his eyes set on the ultimate political prize, it is interesting to see how the group, American Freedom Builders, portrays Governor Kasich and his policies on their website.

The Plain Dealer directs its readers to American Freedom Builder’s newsletters which are focused […]

Ohio Teachers Win Class Settlement Against OEA and Regional Affiliates

Score a win for the little guy.  The Sidney Daily News reports that 14 Ohio public school teachers won a federal class action settlement against the OEA and 11 of its regional affiliates for overcharging non-full-members and illegally directing the funds to political activities.  As per U.S. Supreme Court precedent, unions cannot force non-members to contribute to a union’s political advocacy or other non-bargaining activities.

In addition, the OEA’s regional affiliates were collecting compulsory fees […]

Common Core Isn’t Free: How Much Has Your School District Spent?

An important, but unreported aspect of the Common Core debate is the amount of local taxpayer resources – both in terms of money and man hours – school districts have expended implementing the Common Core Standards.

The 2009 federal stimulus bill offered states and local school districts the opportunity to compete for Race to the Top (RTT) grants to help pay for innovative education reform initiatives.  What was not well publicized was that in order to […]

Ohio Supreme Court Argument Tuesday: Can Ohio Agencies Tax You Because It Rains?

Unconstitutional Northeast Ohio Sewer District tax on “impervious surfaces” is without legislative authorization, and is a property tax without the required voter approval.  

Columbus, OH – The Supreme Court of Ohio will on Tuesday morning hear oral arguments on whether the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, a Cleveland-Akron area administrative agency, lacks authority to tax and regulate property in response to rainwater, which is not “sewage”.

The Sewer District seeks to levy a tax on […]

Ohio Teacher Speaks Out Against Excessive Standardized Testing

Dawn Neely-Randall, an Ohio language arts teacher, speaks out boldly against excessive standardized testing in her article which was published by the Washington Post.  With the advent of the PARCC tests (the Common Core achievement tests) and the third grade reading guarantee, Ohio students are taking standardized tests multiple times a year.

Ms. Randall explains how this increased testing takes away from classroom time prohibiting children from reading “as many rich, engaging pieces of literature […]

O’Keefe Targets Ohio In Latest Effort To Expose Porous Borders

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has been exposing the weakness of the U.S. borders through his video journalism. His latest target, the Canadian border, and more specifically, Ohio.

O’Keefe points out that British intelligence believes approximately 500 British citizens have joined ISIS. These individuals have a British passport and can enter Canada without a visa.

Watch as O’Keefe demonstrates how easy it is for a person dressed as an ISIS terrorist to cross Lake Erie from […]

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Feds Strike Back After Oklahoma Repeals Common Core

Breitbart reports that the Obama administration has rescinded Oklahoma’s No Child Left Behind (NCLB) waiver in response to the state’s repeal of Common Core making it clear that the feds will not sit idly by as states assert authority over their own education policy.

NCLB was put in place under the second President Bush and requires that all schools in a state meet yearly progress goals for their test scores.  Schools which do not meet […]

Ohio Supreme Court Argument Tuesday: Can School Districts Raise Your Taxes Without a Vote?

1851 Center argues that Indian Hill School District violated state law by raising property taxes without a vote, while already running huge budget surpluses and maintaining extravagant cash on hand.    

Columbus, OH – The Supreme Court of Ohio will on Tuesday morning hear oral arguments on whether Ohio school districts need voter permission to raise property taxes that collect tax revenue that the districts do not need or use, even as they run […]

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Lynch Pulls Discharge Petition on Voter Photo ID Law

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Matt Lynch has pulled a discharge petition to force a vote on HB 269 which would require photo identification in order to vote in Ohio. Representatives John Adams, Andrew Brenner, John Becker (the bill’s primary sponsor), and Lynch signed the petition at a news conference announcing the effort.  50 signatures in total are required for the petition to have effect.

The article provides a list of the forms of identification […]

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