CVA Road Trip – You might be interested in doing this.


Dear CVA friends and supporters,

Concerned Veterans for America is organizing a group of volunteer activists from SW Ohio to travel by van to North Carolina next week. The group will be led by CVA Team Leader Kelly Kohls, leaving on Friday morning, June 3 and arriving in North Carolina for a welcome reception and briefing in the evening. The group will visit homes on Saturday, June 4 starting at 9:00am, staying overnight Saturday and […]

Ohio Cities’ Pre-Sale Home Inspections Unconstitutional

Legal Center moves to protect Ohioans’ property rights from unlawful searches and fees statewide

Columbus, OH – The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law today moved in federal court to immediately enjoin Ohio cities, and the Cities of Bedford and Oakwood in particular, from enforcing “point of sale” and “presale” programs that require citizens to endure and pass arbitrary and warrantless government inspections before they can sell their homes to even the most informed and willing […]

IMPORTANT – Please take this survey regarding the We the People Convention

2016 We the People Convention Survey

What this Survey is about:

We are considering holding a We the People Convention in Columbus, OH, the weekend of July 29th & 30th. We are asking you to take this survey so that we can determine YOUR level of interest in attending such a Convention. A Convention is more than a State Meeting. It includes training, organizing, debates, discussions, as well as world class speakers. It’s goal is to grow […]

Ohio Republican Party Organization Meeting set for Friday, Apr 29

The Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee will be holding its first meeting with the new elected members.  This meeting is open to the  public, and we are encouraging everyone in Ohio to attend.

We will be very, very curious if Chairman Borges will be held accountable for his violations of the party bylaws,  or whether the committee will close their eyes to this irresponsible actions (SEE HERE)

TO: Members of the Republican State Central and […]

Chronicle-Telegram Misspells “Revitalization”

What may seem like a “Civil War” to some may actually be a healthy discussion for others. Now there is certainly no doubt that conservative Republicans across the country have felt let down by statements, actions, and inaction’s by leaders of the national GOP. This frustration, brewing since before 2008, led to the birth of the modern Tea Party in 2009. The insurgent vs. establishment lines were drawn, and the dialog began.

On Saturday March […]

Complaints filed against Ohio GOP Chairman Borges for unauthorized use of Party funds, members demand he resign.

Toledo, OH – Members, Incumbents, and candidates of the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee joined together today to demand the immediate resignation of Chairman Borges following the disclosure unauthorized use of party funds and resources.

As per Ohio Republican Party bylaws,  funds or resources cannot be used to “…attack any other Republican.” in a primary election. According to information contained in the letter, 6 instances of “Attack on fellow Republicans” are documented.

The attack ads are […]

Conservative State Central Committee Incumbent fighting back against Republican Party intimidation and bullying

Ohio Republican State Central Committeeman Gary Burkholder (31st District, Licking County) stated today in a press release, “Enough is enough!” I will no longer ignore the lies and personal attacks by Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges.”

Burkholder is running for re-election to the Ohio Republican State Central Committee for the 31st District which includes Licking, Perry, Coshocton, Holmes, and Tuscarawas Counties.

Burkholder added, “Borges continues to target conservatives on the state committee for removal. Matt […]

Kasich / Ohio GOP pay for hit piece post card against conservative challenger to the State Central Committee seat

Wendy Sizemore is being bullied and intimidated by Gov Kasich and the Ohio Republican Party because she DAREs to challenge the Ohio Republican Party by running for State Central Committee  District 17.

This is another reason why Trump, Cruz, and the other non establishment candidates are doing so well.  Gov Kasich and the Ohio GOP use Republican party assets and resources to bully, intimidate, and trash any fellow Republican who dares challenge or question the […]

Kasich / Establishment Republicans work to remove conservatives from State Committee

John Kasich and the Ohio Republican Party once again show what low down dirty tricks they’re capable of in order to remove Conservatives from the Republican State Central Committee.

Bill Delaney is the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee male representative for District #11 (Lucas County). In January, Bill Delaney, along with the District 11 female, Meghan Gallagher were endorsed by the ORP.

Question – Why did Kasich and the Ohio GOP leave Delaney off of […]

Why Conservative Ohioans Oppose John Kasich

As someone who was deeply involved in the Republican and conservative political scene in Ohio for many of the Kasich years, I want to shed some light on John Kasich’s history as Governor. It’s important to note that not a single item below is my opinion. This is a simple telling of the facts.

I do not work for any political party, candidate, campaign, committee or advocacy group of any kind. In fact, I’m not […]


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