Speech by Conservative Republican SCC candidate going viral

Linda O’Brien,  by her own definition,  is just an average Ohio Republican voter who just got fed up with the Ohio  Republican parties lying, cheating, corruption, bullying,  and no accountability for their actions. So, on December 15th,  Ms O’brien did like dozens of fellow conservative Republicans, she filed her paperwork to run as a State Central Committee member in Senate district 18.

Last Week, Linda O’Brien spoke about her life, her upbringing,  and about the […]


Former Republican State Representative Matt Lynch today filed his petitions for the 14th Congressional primary to be held on March 15, 2016. Lynch had announced last June that he intended to challenge Republican incumbent Dave Joyce for the seat. “Congressman Joyce is the poster child for what’s wrong with Washington”, Lynch said, “Joyce has consistently voted with the lobbyists and political insiders and every Conservative group has graded him with an F”.

In 2014 Lynch ran […]

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Illinois and Ohio conservative group leaders meet in Chicago to exchange ideas

Saturday, December 5th, Huntley, IL

While most people are spending today Christmas shopping, putting up the tree, just relaxing, or watching the latest game,  Conservative, Liberty, 912, and Tea Party group leaders across Illinois decided to spend today learning and exchanging ideas with NW Ohio Conservative Coalition (NWOCC) / Toledo Tea Party founder John Mc Avoy.

Today’s 7 hour agenda will focus on many topics to include:  Why groups MUST remain autonomous (our strength),  Why groups […]

Ohio House Education committee starts hearings on Common Core – HB212

Anti-Common Core Friends,
If there is anyway you can make it to Columbus on Tuesday 11-17-2015 for the Ohio House Education Committee’s hearing on HB212 (Representative Andy Thompson) please make it a priority.  The hearing is at 9:30am in the statehouse.  Even if there are aspects of the bill you disagree with this is the time to let the legislature know you are paying attention!
If you cannot attend, please call your state representative and let […]

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PARCC can’t explain how they derived test scoring levels

Last week the cut scores for Ohio’s 2014-15 PARCC assessments were announced. While many articles have focused on the different PARCC scoring levels selected in Ohio as compared to other states like Illinois and New York, all have ignored the most fundamental question of all: “What academic expectations are these cut scores based upon?” Parents and teachers automatically presume that there must be some academic correlation between the cut scores released in Ohio and […]

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Opting out of Common Core testing

Protecting Our Children & Reclaiming Our Classrooms
As most of you know, the PARCC assessments were replaced by assessments “to be developed” by testing vendor American Institutes for Research (A.I.R.), who also administers the Ohio Social Studies and Science assessments. This replacement of PARCC does nothing but change vendors. The tests are still high-stakes, still collect data, and are still aligned with the Common Core State Standards. The only good news is […]

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RNC Resolution against Common Core

This may seem like old news,  but I’m posting this as a reminder to candidates who are running as Republicans.

Two years ago, the Republican National Committee (RNC) passed a resolution claiming the Republican Party recognized Common Core was an inappropriate overreach of the federal government into local education,  and that it vowed to repeal these standards and any legislation that supported them.

Ohio’s Gov John Kasich does not agree with this resolution and has embraced […]

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Portman Co-Sponsors Bill to Prohibit Federal Education Mandates

A few high profile Republican U.S. Senators introduced S. 182, Learning Opportunities Created at the Local (LOCAL) Level Act, on January 16th, which would amend the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (EASA) to prohibit federal education mandates. The bill has been referred to the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions.

Sponsored by Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS) and co-sponsored by Senators Chuck Grassley (R-IA), James Inhofe (R-OK) and Ohio’s Rob Portman, S. 182 […]

Give Common Core Repeal A Shot With A Floor Vote

From the start, the Common Core repeal bill HB 597 was put behind the eight ball. Shortly after it passed out of committee, Rep. Matt Huffman, speaker pro tempore and one of the bill’s sponsors, told the Cincinnati Enquirer,
“If we don’t think we have the votes to pass it, we won’t bring it to the floor.”
At that point, the bar had been set and the message to all fence-sitting House Republicans was:  Sit tight. […]

Proposed Limit to Testing in House Bill is Four Hours Per State Assessment

My previous post on the House bill which curbs standardized testing incorrectly stated that the bill would limit testing on state achievement and graduation tests to four hours per student per year.

The bill actually limits standardized testing to four hours per assessment per year.  The limit would go into effect for the 2015-16 school year.

The confusion stems from news reports which characterized the proposed testing limit as “four hours per student per year,” and […]


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