Community Outreach and the Irrelevant County Central Committee

By Jon Morrow – The single biggest hurdle for the Republican party to overcome is outreach into the local community.

Many Republican County Central Committees (CCCs) in Ohio have been stagnant for decades. Primarily, this is due to the notion that the party should not get actively involved in issues relevant to Republicans in their community. County Party leaders are normally happy with a few wins rather than dominating the political landscape – so they […]

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Ohio Voter Registration Lookup Tools

The folks at Toledo Tea Party have been hard at work to supply us with two new tools for retrieving Voter Registration information.

Toledo Tea Party Chairman John McAvoy says:

“There are over 7.6 million registered voters in Ohio. We’ve uploaded the entire Ohio voter registration database to our web servers, and have created numerous powerful search tools that allow our members to perform very in depth and detailed searches from this database and other priority […]

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Over 9000 attend Trump’s Ohio Campaign kickoff rally in Toledo

NOTE – Conservative groups in NW Ohio,, Findlay, Toledo, and all across Ohio played a key roll in helping Donald Trump ( and all the Presidential candidates) during the Primary.  We would like to think that Mr Trumps decision to make Toledo his first Ohio campaign stop  served as a big Thank You to all the people in Ohio, especially Cheryl Blakely and  NW Ohio for all their help.

Toledo, OH – We want to […]


Akron, OH:  The We the People Convention, announced today that the majority of the TEA Party/Liberty Groups in Ohio will be aligning with the National Rifle Association in an effort to elect Donald Trump as the next President of the United States.

“We are pleased to align our efforts in this Presidential election with the NRA because so many of our members are also NRA members and gun owners,” said Tom Zawistowski, President of the […]

Trump to stop in Toledo Wednesday night

Presidential  Republican Candidate Donald Trump will be making a stop in Toledo tomorrow night.

This is the second campaign stop since Donald Trump accepted the Republican Party Nomination in Cleveland last week.  Toledo Tea Party Chairman John McAvoy says:

“We’re very pleased that Mr Trump has chosen Toledo as his first Ohio campaign stop,  and unlike Gov Kasich,  Toledo Republicans will be pulling out all the stops to welcome Mr Trump to Ohio.”

CLICK HERE to get […]

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Ohio’s 2016 election results shows startling information about Republican Party

Over the past few days, I’ve upload the Ohio Voter database to the Toledo Tea Party web site and have been crunching the data in order to better serve our NW Ohio Conservative Coalition constituents.

I was able to do a county by county analysis (see Excel spreadsheet)  However,  there were 5 counties that had historical data problems, so I marked their data as ERROR.

During the analysis of the data, I found several results that […]

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Senate Bill 5 – Darn near destroyed the OLC and the conservative movement

SB5 darn near destroyed the conservative movement in Ohio. Friends, families, activist and leaders, who normally agreed on almost everything else chose sides. The result was a bitter war among Ohio’s conservatives, between the people and within groups that almost destroyed Ohio’s conservative movement.

Sadly, I’m seeing a similar effect with the presidential races.  People who’ve been working together for years are now at war with each other and refuse to talk.  Groups are being […]

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Ohio GOP fails to purge Conservative SCC members from March 15th ballot.

The Ohio Republican party State Central Committee’s (SCC) attempt to purge Conservative Republicans ran afoul for the second time in as many weeks.

Last night the Marion County Board of Elections announced that Lisa Cooper will remain on the ballot as a viable candidate for the Republican Party State Central Committee District 26 (SCC26).

The Ohio GOP’s purge attempt started three weeks ago, when they voted to endorse themselves for re-election. After a slanderous  outburst and […]

Tool to verify your signatures or lookup voter information

As the filing deadline draws near (4pm, Dec 16th),  many candidates are out collecting signatures in their districts and then the big question hits them:  “How do I know if the person who just signed my petition is OK or not?”

The NW Ohio Conservative Coalition and the Toledo Tea Party have implemented a very powerful tool that allows anyone to quickly and easily check the voter registration database to determine a persons party affiliation,  […]

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Trouble at Butler County GOP endorsement vote

“Why is she here?”

Last night was the endorsement vote for the 8th Congressional District seat in Ohio to replace our outgoing Congressman, Speaker John Boehner. There was no endorsement by the Butler County Republican Party Central Committee, which is expected when you have so many good candidates.  I have gotten a chance to speak to a few of the candidates, there are a few differences, but overall they are good men.

I went to the […]


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