Big Macs, Late Night Movies Readily Available; Health Insurance Is Not

It may be hard for some Americans to wrap their minds around it.  I’m talking about those of us who appreciate the convenience and the myriad of choices available to consumers in a free market economy.  But, in a country where you can buy a Big Mac 24 hours a day and download a movie off Netflix at 2 A.M., you cannot buy health insurance for the next eight months — an odd conundrum  […]

When It Comes to Obamacare Social Policy Trumps Health Care & Constitutional Rights

Obamacare is not as much about health care policy as it is about social policy.  The massive wealth redistribution accomplished through the ACA’s many taxes, fees, fines, subsidies, and tax credits which reward some while punishing others is just one example of this point.  Another example is the requirement for businesses to offer contraception and abortion-inducing drugs through employer sponsored health insurance plans regardless of the religious beliefs of the employer.

The Weekly Standard reveals […]

Bring Your Legislator To Class Day

COMMON CORE FORUMBring Your Legislator to Class DayCommon Core 101Wednesday – APRIL 9th – 6:00 to 9:00 pmCapitol Theatre – 77 S. High Street - Directions Common Core is a fundamental change in education for every child in Ohio, yet it was never put through the legislative process. Why are legislators refusing to debate it?A large majority of Ohio lawmakers had never heard of Common Core before parents and citizens brought it to their attention last […]

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FreedomWorks Endorses Matt Lynch over Republican Incumbent Dave Joyce

The room was full of northeast Ohio tea party members when Adam Brandon, Executive Director of FreedomWorks for America, announced the endorsement of Matt Lynch for U.S. Congress in Ohio’s 14th district.  Lynch will face-off against incumbent Republican Representative Dave Joyce in the May 6th primary.

Supporters cheered and waved signs when the endorsement was announced making it clear that Matt Lynch has considerable grassroots backing which, if translated into a strong ground game, may mean […]

Private Student Data Transferred to PearsonAccess in Preparation of Common Core Field Tests

PARCC and PearsonAccess have requested the following student data in preparation of their Ohio field testing this spring:

Student’s State Student Identifier Code
Student’s Legal Name
Birth Date (optional)
Type of Disability
Disability Accommodations (optional)
Gifted Status
Free Lunch Qualifier (i.e. pays full price, receives reduced price, or receives free meal)

The field tests will take place March 24 – April 11 and May 5 – June 6.

To determine if your school district is participating in the PARCC field testing, see listing […]

ORP Retaliates Against State Reps Who Stand Up for Limited Government

OLC members spent a significant amount of time in 2013 meeting with their Republican state reps and state senators about Medicaid expansion – discussing the many pitfalls in the policy and urging their representatives to oppose it.  Most OLC members came away from these meetings frustrated with their representatives’ unwillingness to take a public position on the issue.  We heard a lot of evasive responses – talk of a hybrid public/private plan, talk of Medicaid […]

Opportunity Ohio Releases 2013 State Salary Data

Today Opportunity Ohio, a free market think tank in Columbus, released state salary information on its website for 2013.  The transparency tool allows you to search for individuals by name or department.  Read the press release from Opportunity Ohio below for more details, and check the database out here:  State Salary Search.


March 14, 2014       Contact:  Matt Mayer, 614-636-2663 
Opportunity Ohio Releases 2013 State Salary Information in Searchable Database
 Today Opportunity Ohio released new 2013 salary […]

Ohio’s Common Core Opposition Has Its Pacifier – HB 181

A primary concern of Common Core opponents is the collection of private student information in a statewide longitudinal database and the sharing of the data between local, state, and federal governments as well as with hired contractors of these agencies.  To allay concerns expressed by many Ohioans over this unprecedented access to student performance and demographic data, Representative Andrew Brenner introduced and the Ohio House passed HB 181, the Student Data Accountability Act.  After […]

Analysis of White House’s 2014 Budget Reveals Some Gaming of the Numbers

Federal law calls for the President to submit a new federal budget on the first Monday in February.  President Obama has missed this deadline for all but one year that he has been in office and the 2015 budget will be no exception.

Bloomberg reports the federal budget will be released in two phases this year. The first phase – a summary by department and agency with some spending detail – will be released March […]

The Myth of the Independent Voter

According to recent polling, the overwhelming majority of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track. Congress now has an approval rating of only 12.9% and people are leaving the political parties in droves. As liberty-minded individuals, we often … Continue reading →

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