HHS Report on ACA Exchanges Masks True Condition of Ohio’s Health Insurance Market

Gongwer News Service reports on an HHS report titled “Health Insurance Issuer Participation and New Entrants in the Health Insurance Marketplace in 2015.”

HHS paints a rosy scenario noting that the number of participating insurers is up 25% across the country.

The report indicates Ohio’s exchange will have a greater number of insurers than most other federally assisted exchanges.  Open enrollment starts in November and Ohioans will choose from plan offerings from 16 companies.

Gongwer quotes from a statement […]

Judicial Update: Ohio Anti-lie Law and Early Voting

Not willing to allow themselves to be relegated to obsolescence, the Ohio Elections Commission has decided to appeal U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Black’s decision which struck down Ohio’s law banning campaign lies.

The Ohio Elections Commission must not have received the memo that in a free republic the government doesn’t determine truth, the people do.

The Cincinnati Enquirer noted that the Commission stands little chance of having the decision overturned given that recent U.S. Supreme […]

Common Core Platitudes Dispelled by High School Principal

In her article, “Four Common Core ‘flimflams'”, Carol Burris strikes down the most oft-heard statements from Common Core proponents. Ohio parents will recognize these talking points as they are frequently parrotted by school officials, the Kasich administration, and some members of the state legislature. 

The Washington Post published Burris’ article and reported that she is a New York high school principal and a previous supporter of Common Core. Once NY started implementing the standards, Burris […]

A Tale of Two Kasichs

The Cleveland Plain Dealer asks if a conservative advocacy group with close ties to Governor Kasich is laying the groundwork for a Kasich presidential run.  While it’s no surprise to most Ohioans that the Governor has his eyes set on the ultimate political prize, it is interesting to see how the group, American Freedom Builders, portrays Governor Kasich and his policies on their website.

The Plain Dealer directs its readers to American Freedom Builder’s newsletters which are focused […]

Workplace Freedom Update for Week of 9/7

Ohioans for Workplace Freedom volunteers were busy on Saturday collecting signatures in Hilliard at the Music and Craft Fair. This proved to be a good venue for Right to Work proponents as 166 signatures were collected.  With a little more help, volunteers could have easily doubled their total.

The successful effort on Saturday shows that the Right to Work message resonates strongly in Ohio and serves as motivation for proponents to continue pressing hard to […]

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Federal Judge Sides with Free Speech to Strike Down Ohio Law Banning False Campaign Statements

U.S. District Judge TImothy S. Black stuck down a 19-year-old Ohio law that prohibits false statements in political campaigns.  In his opinion, Judge Black made clear that the government should not be in the business of deciding truth in political speech – that should be left up to voters.

The Huffington Post quotes from Black’s opinion,
“Lies have no place in the political arena and serve no purpose other than to undermine the integrity of the democratic […]

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Ohio Teachers Win Class Settlement Against OEA and Regional Affiliates

Score a win for the little guy.  The Sidney Daily News reports that 14 Ohio public school teachers won a federal class action settlement against the OEA and 11 of its regional affiliates for overcharging non-full-members and illegally directing the funds to political activities.  As per U.S. Supreme Court precedent, unions cannot force non-members to contribute to a union’s political advocacy or other non-bargaining activities.

In addition, the OEA’s regional affiliates were collecting compulsory fees […]

Common Core Isn’t Free: How Much Has Your School District Spent?

An important, but unreported aspect of the Common Core debate is the amount of local taxpayer resources – both in terms of money and man hours – school districts have expended implementing the Common Core Standards.

The 2009 federal stimulus bill offered states and local school districts the opportunity to compete for Race to the Top (RTT) grants to help pay for innovative education reform initiatives.  What was not well publicized was that in order to […]

Ohio Supreme Court Argument Tuesday: Can Ohio Agencies Tax You Because It Rains?

Unconstitutional Northeast Ohio Sewer District tax on “impervious surfaces” is without legislative authorization, and is a property tax without the required voter approval.  

Columbus, OH – The Supreme Court of Ohio will on Tuesday morning hear oral arguments on whether the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, a Cleveland-Akron area administrative agency, lacks authority to tax and regulate property in response to rainwater, which is not “sewage”.

The Sewer District seeks to levy a tax on […]

Ohio Teacher Speaks Out Against Excessive Standardized Testing

Dawn Neely-Randall, an Ohio language arts teacher, speaks out boldly against excessive standardized testing in her article which was published by the Washington Post.  With the advent of the PARCC tests (the Common Core achievement tests) and the third grade reading guarantee, Ohio students are taking standardized tests multiple times a year.

Ms. Randall explains how this increased testing takes away from classroom time prohibiting children from reading “as many rich, engaging pieces of literature […]


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