If we split, we lose – Would you be willing to unite behind one candidate?

Almost 60 Ohio conservative groups have been participating in a program that allows their members to talk to each other regarding the subject of “Uniting around one candidate”. Although the Primary election is still months away,  Ohios conservatives understand if they don’t unite,  their split vote will allow the establishment candidate to walk away with an easy win.

The ongoing survey conducted by Ohio Conservatives United (OCU) is the vehicle for generating the discussion. With […]

Are you considering a run for Ohio Senate

According to Your Name On the Ballot,  there are 16 Ohio Senate seats (even number districts) up for grabs in the 2016 elections.

There are 33 Senate districts in Ohio, with 4 year terms. Odd number districts are voted on in Governor election years (2014, 2018, 2022, etc). Even number districts are voted on in Presidential election years (2016, 2020, 2024, etc)

To get your name on a party ballot, you must fill out the correct […]

Cities’ Rental Licensing and Inspection Requirements Unconstitutional

Columbus, OH – The Southern District of Ohio today ruled that the City of Portsmouth’s occupational licensing requirements imposed upon landlords – – rental property inspections and licensing fees – – violates the Fourth Amendment to the United State Constitution.

The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law’s victory on behalf of Portsmouth rental property owners Ron Baker, Nancy Ross, Thomas Howard, and Darren Oliver means that indiscriminate and warrantless government inspections of rental properties are unconstitutional […]

Winteregg elated at the news that John Boehner is resigning.

(Troy, OH) – In the wake of the announcement that Speaker John Boehner will be resigning, JD Winteregg has released this statement:

“Like most other conservatives, Americans, and Ohioans, I was elated when I heard the news that John Boehner would be resigning. While I thank the speaker for his years of service, I think this news speaks volumes about the state of Washington DC, the GOP, and conservatism generally.

Every voter I talk to is […]

How to become an official Election Observer in the upcoming General and Primary elections

A key factor in our democratic process is the voters confidence that our election system will produce an honest, fair, and fully transparent election,  regardless of candidates, issues, or electorate.  Every vote will count, and every vote will be protected.

A little known and under utilized tool that can boost the confidence and transparency in the election process is the ability to allow an every day citizen to act as “Official Observers” of the election […]

Ohio conservative candidates can get matched up with conservative PACs

Are you a conservative candidate or do you know of a conservative candidate that could benefit from assistance or an endorsement from the many conservative PAC’s located throughout Ohio?

If so then please go to Your Name On The Ballot web site and sign up for their registry.

Two great features added to the YNOB is a registry for Conservative PACs and a registry for Conservative Candidates.  The goal of these registries is to help conservative […]

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RINO – Whats in a name

Mr Anderson write this in response to a very derogatory comment made about “Teabaggers” on the Toledo Tea Party web site.  Mr Anderson gave us permission to re-post his response here…

The term RINO is an acronym for Republicans In Name Only. This refers to Candidates and/or Elected Officials that run for office as Republicans, but vote as, or have values equivalent to, Democrats. When the actual name applies, as applied by individuals, depends on […]

Gov Kasich’s Ohio Miracle is really an Ohio Mediocrity

From Opportunity Ohio; “…So much of Ohio Governor John Kasich’s argument for supporting him in the 2016 Republican presidential nomination process is his “Ohio Miracle” story. A large part of this story rests upon the raw number of jobs generated during his tenure. Thus far, he has been able to push this story to the lazy national media which doesn’t take the time to think about whether that metric is an apples-to-apples comparison with […]

Calling all Ohio based conservative Political Action Committees

From Your-Name-On-The-Ballot..

Many conservative groups and organizations across Ohio have created their own Political Action Committees (PAC). This allows these groups to directly support conservative candidates and issues in their areas and across the state.

We are compiling a list of these Ohio based conservative PAC’s.  This list will be published on our “Resources” page in an effort to allow candidates and donors the ability to reach your PAC directly.  We’re also working on a State […]

Ohio Precinct Project workshop in Ravenna

Last night, I had the opportunity to talk to the Citizens to Patriots group in Crawford County about the Ohio Conservatives United.

Anytime I’m asked to speak to a group, I always try to put a plug in for Workplace Freedom and one of the most important programs in Ohio, The Ohio Precinct Project.

Following the discussion on OCU,  I asked the group if they knew about the Republican Party County Central Committee and we spent […]


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