Gov Kasich’s Ohio Miracle is really an Ohio Mediocrity

From Opportunity Ohio; “…So much of Ohio Governor John Kasich’s argument for supporting him in the 2016 Republican presidential nomination process is his “Ohio Miracle” story. A large part of this story rests upon the raw number of jobs generated during his tenure. Thus far, he has been able to push this story to the lazy national media which doesn’t take the time to think about whether that metric is an apples-to-apples comparison with […]

Calling all Ohio based conservative Political Action Committees

From Your-Name-On-The-Ballot..

Many conservative groups and organizations across Ohio have created their own Political Action Committees (PAC). This allows these groups to directly support conservative candidates and issues in their areas and across the state.

We are compiling a list of these Ohio based conservative PAC’s.  This list will be published on our “Resources” page in an effort to allow candidates and donors the ability to reach your PAC directly.  We’re also working on a State […]

Ohio Precinct Project workshop in Ravenna

Last night, I had the opportunity to talk to the Citizens to Patriots group in Crawford County about the Ohio Conservatives United.

Anytime I’m asked to speak to a group, I always try to put a plug in for Workplace Freedom and one of the most important programs in Ohio, The Ohio Precinct Project.

Following the discussion on OCU,  I asked the group if they knew about the Republican Party County Central Committee and we spent […]

Steve Kraus sentencing today in Ottawa County

From Ralph Kraus, Fireland Patriots.

I hope everyone got the message that the sentencing was moved up to 10:00 am this morning. We met outside the Court House and prayed for 30 minutes. I would estimate around 40 observers entered the court room as spectators filling all available seats. 95% were Steve’s family, friends and supporters. From the Prosecution side, we saw only the owner of the house Helen Stein & someone with her.

No surprises […]

Marijuana Legalization Amendment falls short of required signatures

Of the 660,190 signatures submitted by Opportunity Ohio, only a meager 276,082  (42%) were verified as valid by the Sec of State.

On July 20th, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted certified that ResponsibleOhio has failed to meet the necessary requirements to place their proposed constitutional amendment, titled “Marijuana Legalization Amendment,” before voters on the November 2015 General Election Ballot.

Petitioners were required to submit at least 305,591 valid signatures, a number equal to 10 percent […]

What is the “Central Committee” – Why you need to be on it.

The County Central Committee is the cornerstone of the Political parties. The Party system is designed to be a “Bottoms Up” organization. i.e. decisions are made at the low level (the precinct) and flow up, thru the County Exec committee, the State central Committee, the RNC.

Unfortunately, because of the lack of diligence, this has flipped upside down, and both parties now seem to operate as a “Top Down” structure; everyone at the bottom gets […]

Republican Liberty Caucus Announces Formation of Ohio Charter

The Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) is pleased to announce the approval of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio’s (RLCOH) charter application, making it the 41st official state affiliate of the RLC.

“The Republican Liberty Caucus is an important grassroots organization that advocates for liberty at all levels of government,” said Congressman Thomas Massie (R- KY). “Before I ran for Congress, I was honored to receive their endorsement in my local race for County Judge Executive.

Ohioans […]

Springboro Board Approves New Unaffordable Teacher Contract

Dr. Kelly Kohls
Springboro OH
At a rescheduled meeting on June 4th, the Springboro OH School Board approved a new contract with the Springboro Education Association. The three-year contract provides for base increases of 2%, 2%, and 3% per year. When combined with the annual longevity increases Springboro teachers will receive average total salary increases of 6% to 7% for each of the next three years.

Springboro Schools Superintendent Todd Petrey maintains that increases of this […]

CCV Action Calls for Senator Portman to Step Down Now

Poll shows Strickland up 46% over Portman 40%
By Phil Burress
CCV Action has warned over and over again that a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate (or President) can not win Ohio if they support same-sex unions. Portman, because of pride and ego, is running the risk of the Republicans losing the U.S. Senate in 2017. If he wanted to flip flop his position because of his son that is fine, but he should have resigned […]

I will not accept 80% – I want 100%

I’m tired of the establishment Republicans telling me that if I like 80% of the candidate, then I should jump in and give 100% support – BULL CRAP.

I want 100%.  When I hire an employee,  we define the job,  I don’t want it 80% complete,  I want it 100% complete.

When I hire someone to fix my roof,  I want 100% fixed, not 80%

When I buy a new car,  I don’t want a car that […]


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