Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio launches Ohio Legislature Scorecard

We’ve all seen Legislature scorecards at the federal level, i.e. Freedom Works, and Heritage do an excellent job of digging into federal legislation and ranking the Federal congressional members on how they voted.

What has been missing is this same tool, but at the Ohio State Legislature level,  UNTIL NOW.   WOW

I had an opportunity to attend the launch event in Medina, OH yesterday where the Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio’s (RLC  Ohio)  Chairman Bill Yarbrough […]

What is the “Central Committee” – Why you need to be on it.

The County Central Committee is the cornerstone of the Political parties. The Party system is designed to be a “Bottoms Up” organization. i.e. decisions are made at the low level (the precinct) and flow up, thru the County Exec committee, the State central Committee, the RNC.

Unfortunately, because of the lack of diligence, this has flipped upside down, and both parties now seem to operate as a “Top Down” structure; everyone at the bottom gets […]

The Myth of the Independent Voter

According to recent polling, the overwhelming majority of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track. Congress now has an approval rating of only 12.9% and people are leaving the political parties in droves. As liberty-minded individuals, we often … Continue reading →

Read the full article here...

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The God Devine Allah registers to vote in Hamilton County, Ohio

“The God Devine Refinement Allah” is the latest of Ohio VIP’s challenged voters at the Hamilton County Board of Elections (BOE). Registered to vote on October 3, 2012, Mr. Allah was accepted by the Hamilton County BOE and entered onto the voter rolls at an address which does not exist.

This is NO JOKE! Click here to view the registration.





At the Hamilton County BOE meeting on Tuesday 8/27, Mary Siegel, who challenged Mr. Allah, put […]

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Ohio VIP voter challenges upheld in Franklin County


(Columbus, Ohio) – June 7, 2013 – Yesterday the Franklin County Board of Elections (BOE) unanimously voted to accept thirty seven (37) challenges of voters registered at USPS and UPS stores. The challenges were submitted by Carol Bicking of Ohio Voter Integrity Project (Ohio VIP), a non-partisan group dedicated to helping maintain accurate voter rolls for Ohio.

Under Ohio law, voters are required to register where they reside:  it is not legal to […]

Stopping the Medicaid Expansion in Ohio with an Orange Juice Can?

Most of you have heard of “gerrymandering” and how it has been applied by the parties to carve out “safe” political districts. These are the districts about which it is said, “You could run an orange juice can here and as long as it has an R or D next to its name, it will win”. Some now calculate that over 80% of Congressional Districts are considered to be one party dominated. Similar protectionist […]

Ohio Special Elections are February 5th

Here’s what you need to know about the special elections taking place in Ohio on February 5th 2013. In total there are going to be 9 issues in 7 counties. All issues are related to local taxes–no candidates or statewide issues will be voted on.

See the following list put together using data from the Secretary of State to determine if you need to be at the polls Feb. 5th.
Hillsdale Local School District – […]

Senator Portman’s justification for voting ‘YES’ on the Fiscal Cliff bill

In case you missed it (which would have been easy because it’s not published on the senator’s Facebook page, Twitter account, campaign website, or senate website), on January 4th, Senator Portman published an extensive explanation for his vote in favor of the “fiscal cliff deal” which raises taxes on 77% of Americans and includes no spending cuts. We’ve included his article below.

To see how the rest of our Ohio representatives voted, see our prior article, Ohio […]

Did you witness Ohio voter fraud?

by Lisa Woods

We are disappointed with how little progress has been made to diminish voter fraud in the past four years, despite a lot of effort by a lot of good people. Hopefully, we’ll make more progress in the next four years. We are pleased that our friend Chris Long, President of the Ohio Christian Alliance, has begun a new effort to identify, document and initiate action against voter fraud through the Secretary of State, the state Legislature, […]

VIDEO: Ohio Supreme Court Candidate Forum

Last week the Columbus Lawyers Chapter of the Federalist Society held a forum with the candidates appearing on the November 2012 ballot. The forum was moderated by Maurice Thompson, executive director of the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law. We were in attendance and posted live updates from the forum on our twitter account (see tweets on October 3). By reviewing the video, we think you will learn quite a bit of helpful information on […]

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