What is the “Central Committee” – Why you need to be on it.

The County Central Committee is the cornerstone of the Political parties. The Party system is designed to be a “Bottoms Up” organization. i.e. decisions are made at the low level (the precinct) and flow up, thru the County Exec committee, the State central Committee, the RNC.

Unfortunately, because of the lack of diligence, this has flipped upside down, and both parties now seem to operate as a “Top Down” structure; everyone at the bottom gets […]

Cincinnati Area 13-year-old Student Coauthors Acclaimed Book on Freedom and Capitalism, Seeks Liberty Community’s Support

13 year old Lauren Hudson and her father, conservative business leader Rob Hudson, have co-authored a student book on capitalism and freedom. The book helps our youth understand how to make it in America through education, hard work and making responsible decisions. During its initial month of release in December 2013, Our Best Tomorrow – Students Teaching Capitalism to America, became an Amazon #1 Hot New Release and a #1 Best Seller for Free […]

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“New Math” Primer for Old Folks

Parents may need a little help understanding the Common Core math their little ones are bringing home from school. We thought this video from Tom Lehrer might be helpful to you.

For a little background, check out our former post on the topic.


Obamacare … Fun, cool, and YOLO

Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies (GPS) has produced a new video which uses a little humor to make  young, healthy Americans aware of what the Obamacare exchanges mean to them.

Please pass this along to the young person in your life – the 18-35 year old – and let them know that they are needed by Obama to pay more for their own health care so they can subsidize the health care of middle-aged America.

Yes, young people […]

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2+2 may not equal 5, but there is a great story about how I got there

Common Core defenders will often claim there is nothing in the standards they would not want their own children to know. Defying the naysayers to painstakingly read through pages and pages of dry, innocuous language on education standards is good strategy. No one is going to take them up on the challenge and there won’t be anything too damning in the standards anyway.

Problems with the Common Core standards are not going to be found […]

Jordan Goes On the Record to Talk IRS Obstruction of House Investigation

Ohio’s U.S. House Representative Jim Jordan (R) went “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren” to discuss the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into the IRS abuse of tea party groups.  The Committee sent a letter to Acting IRS Chief Daniel Werfel demanding the IRS stop obstructing their investigation and reminding him that it is a crime to obstruct a congressional investigation.

Jordan appeared with a stack of documents the Sub Committee received as part of a […]

Would you have had the courage to sign the Declaration?

Take a look at this brief clip of the final vote for the Declaration as portrayed in the HBO mini-series, John Adams,

This 4th of July, please take a moment to remember the courage demonstrated by the men who signed the Declaration. History tells us that many of them faced serious hardships in the years ahead. Follow this link to a brief article that attempts to separate fact from fiction regarding their fates.

Let us never […]


What if the government promises it won’t use private information and correspondence illegally obtained through unwarranted surveillance and seizure techniques against innocent people? Will that make it okay to violate the Fourth Amendment? What if they pinky-swear? Well, if we can’t trust our elected, appointed and lifetime bureaucrat rulers to do the right thing and follow the rule of law, then (in the words of our dear leader) “we’re going to have some problems […]

Tom Z speaks with Fox’s Neil Cavuto

Tom Zawistowski, head of the Portage County Tea Party in Ohio, speaks on Your World with Neil Cavuto on June 3rd, 2013. Tom points out that the IRS does not like receiving the kind of scrutiny they have been dishing out lately. Information required from the IRS in May of this year by House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) has yet to be handed over. The administration’s story of a few rogue […]

Tom Zawistowski, head of Portage County Tea Party speaks with CATO Institute

From the very beginning, the authentically contagious grassroots Tea Party movement was viewed by the elite establishment ruling class as suspicious. They called us “astroturf” and accused us of being the contrived tools of the Republican Party and special interests groups. But when more and more groups just kept popping up into existence with no political or big money connections whatsoever, the establishment had to wonder, “Who are these people, really?” You see, the […]


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