Obama officially calls for bans on “Assault” weapons and high capacity “clips”

In the wake of the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary massacre, President Obama himself has confirmed again what most of already knew – he is anti-gun and finally openly admitted it as he called upon Congress to institute a new so-called “Assault Weapons” ban and a ban on the sale of high capacity ammunition “clips” as he said in a video posted to the White House Youtube channel today.  We’ve included a partial transcript below, […]

Governor Kasich Continues to Frame Fracking Tax Hike as Targeting “Big Oil”

Governor John Kasich stood by his proposal to increase severance taxes on oil and natural gas “fracking” in Ohio, framing the plan as a boost for small businesses on the backs of Big Oil during a question and answer session at an Ohio Farm Bureau event. Marc Kovac of Ohio Capital Blog posted a video of the question from Harrison County Farm Bureau President Jayne Wallace and Kasich’s response.

“I feel like we’re being penalized for owning that property that […]

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Progressive talk show host wishes for “tea bag bastards” heads to be “lopped off”

Toledo, Ohio native and progressive radio talk show host, Mike Malloy, recently wished for the heads of “tea bag bastards” to be “lopped off” on his November 26 airing of his radio show, the Mike Malloy Show.  He said the following:
…these Tea Bag bastards who by the way, I just wish they would all just go away – or, like in Passover, I just wish there was an angel of the Lord that would […]

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What Happened in Ohio the video

You may have already read Matt Mayer’s seven part series which we previously posted entitled What Happened in Ohio.  Matt recently spoke at the Ohio School Board Leadership Council meeting on November 10 in Columbus where he presented the content of his articles to a group of conference attendees. We think you will find Matt’s presentation enlightening and helpful for understanding what contributed to President Obama’s win of Ohio in November.

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VIDEO: Northwest Ohio tea party group hands out Romney signs in front of Sheet Metal Workers union hall

In a peaceful and creative effort of retaliation against the recent theft Romney campaign signs by four members of the Sheet Metal Workers Union, the Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition (NWOCC) set up camp in front of the Local 33 Sheet Metal Workers Union hall in Rossford, Ohio and handed out Romney campaign signs. 300 signs were handed out during the event. Check out the video included below. Way to go NWOCC!

You can read our prior posting […]

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License to Screen the ObamaCare Movie In Ohio

SICK and SICKER the movie looks at the Canadian government’s takeover of their healthcare system, and shows what we can expect here in America if ObamaCare is fully implemented in 2014. The producer interviews Canadian doctors, patients, journalists, and government officials to unravel the bureaucratic nightmare that comes between Canadians and access to healthcare.

We can still stop this from happening to America! That’s why from now until November 6th all individuals and groups in […]

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The War On Coal in 6 Minutes

This 6 minute video shows exactly how President Obama’s war on coal is affecting our state’s economy. For example, while the United States as a country uses coal for 43% of it’s energy, in Ohio that number nearly doubles to 78%. And it isn’t just electricity costs that will increase, but the cost of nearly all manufactured goods which rely on affordable energy to produce. ALL Ohio manufacturing is at risk of being sent […]

Sherrod Brown’s ACORN Video Disappears Just in Time for The Election

by Matthew Vadum
When you’re America’s most liberal senator locked in a tight race with a conservative challenger, it’s always a good thing when a damning YouTube that shows you praising organized crime disappears.
Hard-left Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) appears in a 2008 video praising the gangster group known by the acronym ACORN. In the video dated May 12, 2008, called “ACORN Grassroots Democracy Campaign,” Brown praises the Association of Community Organizations for […]

Compelling video of Ohioans standing for religious freedom

On Saturday, October 20th, 2012, hundreds of Ohioans gathered in Cincinnati (and in other cities all over the United States) to stand for their religious freedom.  Why?  Watch the video and you will understand.

For more information, visit the Kings Liberty website and Google on HHS Mandate.

Transcript of the video
(courtesy of Kings Liberty)

I’m Carl Brown and I stand with a group of ordinary citizens.

concerned citizens, to be sure, but we’re just ordinary citizens.

We’re self-employed, we’re […]

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VIDEO: Ohio liberty groups’ involvement in the election

Ohio Liberty Coalition president Tom Zawistowski appeared on the PBS show “The State of Ohio” this past Sunday. Among the topics discussed were the involvement of Ohio liberty groups in this election and the “phenomena” of Americans participating in their own self-governance which the establishment parties just don’t yet understand.  We’ve included both Tom Z’s interview and the entire show below.

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