What is the “Central Committee” – Why you need to be on it.

The County Central Committee is the cornerstone of the Political parties. The Party system is designed to be a “Bottoms Up” organization. i.e. decisions are made at the low level (the precinct) and flow up, thru the County Exec committee, the State central Committee, the RNC.

Unfortunately, because of the lack of diligence, this has flipped upside down, and both parties now seem to operate as a “Top Down” structure; everyone at the bottom gets […]

New tea party news website: Tea Party News Network

Liberty minded individuals can add a new website to their quiver to be used in the fight for limited government.  The Tea Party News Network (tpnn.com) is a new website which went live just prior to the election.  Its founders describe the site as “the only trusted news source and the antidote to mainstream media bias”.  In an article that the Politico published about the new organization, TPNN had the following to say about […]

I Built It

On yesterday’s Glenn Beck 4th Hour show, a gentleman called in to announce his new Facebook page: “I Built It”.  The page is a place where small business owners can post pictures, videos, and comments in response to President Obama’s statement made in his July 13th press conference where he said:
If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.
Click on the image below to visit the “I Built […]

New Ohio Watchdog Website to Hold Media, Politicians Accountable

Liberty minded Ohioans have a new website (in addition to this one, of course!) to keep an eye on politicians and issues around the state.  Media Trackers Ohio examines stories published in the mainstream media, explores claims made by some of the more partisan Ohio political groups, and provides the facts on the issues, people and elections that matter in the state.  Media Trackers Ohio is dedicated to media accountability, government transparency, and quality fact-based […]

The Obamacare State Exchanges Must Not Be Created

National Review Online recently wrote about the importance of states not implementing the state insurance exchanges in the ongoing fight to stop Obamacare:
The most important front right now is to ensure that states do not create the health-insurance exchanges Obamacare needs in order to operate. Refusing to create exchanges is the most powerful thing states can do to take Obamacare down. Think of it as an insurance policy in case the Supreme Court whiffs.
Thanks […]


Yesterday we posted Matt Mayer’s Op-Ed on the sacred cow (or elephant, if you prefer) that our politicians still seem to be afraid to touch — government spending.  In his article, Mr. Mayer also touched on another mystery in the Kasich administration’s budget: the shifting of taxes from individuals to companies, such as those in the oil and gas industry that might like to take root in the Buckeye State.

We encourage you to click here […]

New Ohio Website: The Ohio Free Press

by Brian Walker, OhioFreePress.com

The Ohio Free Press is our outlet to help inform the people of Ohio as to what is going on in this great state. We will be bringing forth interviews and news regarding the candidates and issues so they are educated to make informed voting decisions in upcoming elections. We believe in the freedom of the press and realize as Thomas Jefferson said in 1786 that:
“The basis of our governments being […]

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