Ohioans for Workplace Freedom: Volunteers Needed for Election Day Signature Collection

Election Day, November 4th, provides an excellent opportunity for Right to Work advocates to collect signatures for Ohioans for Workplace Freedom.

Please contact your fellow petition gatherers to determine optimal polling places in your county or a nearby county.  If you need help choosing a polling place in your area, contact Lisa Cooper using the form below.

When choosing a polling location for signature collection, look for polling places which cover several precincts.  This will ensure a […]

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Workplace Freedom Update Week of 8/31

Sue Ellen King, Meta Hahn and Louann were busy again this past holiday weekend collecting signatures for Workplace Freedom. This time their venue to collect was the Upper Arlington Arts Festival. Thanks to their industriousness, 146 more signatures were collected.

Although some union members they encountered there objected and said that Labor Day was sacred and shouldn’t be defiled by right-to-work petition gatherers, the park turned out to be a great venue for signature gathering.

We […]

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Workplace Freedom Signatures Continue to be Collected in Central Ohio

This past weekend three volunteers from Central Ohio added 98 signatures to those obtained previously for the Workplace Freedom initiative. Sue Ellen King, Meta Hahn and Tom Castor, all Westerville TEA Party members, worked at two different venues and on two different days to get an impressive number of signatures.

The group’s first venue was Fourth Friday, a Westerville staple throughout the summer. The Westerville TEA Party has a booth in front of the Buckeye […]

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Air Traffic Data Reflects Poorly on Ohio’s Economy

Today Opportunity Ohio released “Airport Data Indicates Ohio’s Economy Won’t be Flying Anytime Soon” – a short report detailing the plight of passenger air traffic in the state.  Here are some quick facts directly from the report:

Though Ohio is the seventh largest state in terms of population, Ohio only ranked 21st among the states for air travel in 2012.
Ohio had over 926,000 fewer passengers in 2012 than it did in 2000, a drop of […]

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Ohio Families Losing Ground as Incomes Fall

Today, Opportunity Ohio released a short report on recently released household income data for the 50 states.  Ohio Families Losing Ground as Incomes Fall by Mary McCleary details Ohio’s plight over the last decade as the state has continued to drop in household income rankings.  From 2011 to 2012, Ohio’s inflation adjusted median household income fell over $1,200.  Currently, Ohio ranks 10th worst among the states with a median household income of $44,375, which […]

Workplace Freedom Volunteers Needed on Election Day, November 5th

A message from Bruce Hull, State Petition Coordinator, Ohioans for Workplace Freedom:

Ohioans for Workplace Freedom is asking for individuals and groups to participate in our “One Day for Ohio” campaign where we have set a goal of collecting 100,000 signatures on Election Day, November 5th across Ohio’s 88 counties.

It will only take 12-15 petitioners per county at various polling locations to achieve this goal.
Workplace Freedom is now on the move and we are focused […]

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Workplace Freedom – One Day for Ohio

In 2012, both Indiana and Michigan passed workplace freedom or “right-to-work” laws. A workplace freedom law gives individual workers the freedom to decide whether or not they want to join a union. It does NOT eliminate collective bargaining or take away the right of workers to form a union.

Ohio needs jobs and our political class – led by Republican Governor John Kasich – has proven either unable or unwilling to fix the problem. Consider,

Ohio […]

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Workplace Freedom: 2,000 Signatures in Ten Days

A message from Bruce Hull, Ohioans for Workplace Freedom

We are now in the middle of our campaign to collect “2000 signatures in 10 days.” We currently have 450 signatures collected.  Two special events for collecting signatures are coming up for us in the Dayton area, the Montgomery County Fair and Cedarfest. These are opportunities for collecting signatures that we will not have in during the winter months so we need to collect all we […]

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Opportunity Ohio Worker Freedom Report

This week, Opportunity Ohio released its latest worker freedom report.  The report looks at private sector job growth from 1990 to the most recently available final jobs data (June 2013).  Here are some facts from the report:

Ohio’s private sector has only grown by 8 percent in the last 23.5 years.
Ohio has experienced the 5th worst job growth among the states since 1990.
The average worker freedom state grew 42 percent since 1990, while the average […]

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Group exceeds 10,000 Workplace Freedom signatures

A Dayton, OH grassroots organization, the Beavercreek Liberty Group, volunteering to collect signatures for Workplace Freedom, recently went over the 10,000 signature level since ramping up their efforts in March of this year.  The group has plans for petitioning at many festivals in the coming months and following up with tables set at polling locations during the November election.

The Beavercreek Liberty Group effort is led by special event coordinator Marlene Johnson who on her […]


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