John Allison, President and CEO of the CATO Institute, spoke at the Federalist Society’s 14th Annual Barbara K. Olson Memorial Lecture.

Mr. Allison discussed CATO’s mission, the fundamental role of government, and what he sees as the philosophical fight for western civilization currently underway between libertarians and statists.  Allison also spoke in depth on the progressive movement and its desire to attain what it believes to be the moral high ground.

Allison pacts much in and keeps it interesting with his direct manner.

In a highlight at the 4:50 mark, Allison states,

“The government can make you pay taxes, they can put you in jail, or they can kill you.  In fact, governments throughout history have killed hundreds of millions of people.  After disease and old age, governments are the primary cause of death…It’s a very dangerous institution.  That’s why its powers need to be limited and controlled which is what the founding fathers were trying to do.”

In another highlight at the 16:33 mark, Allison points out that from 250,000 years ago to the late 1700’s, human life expectancy was basically flat, approximately 30 years.  But with the advent of the rule of law, individual rights, free markets, and capitalism in the late 1700’s, human well-being began to improve.

Please consider investing some time listening to Mr. Allison’s remarks.