For tea party and 912 groups in Ohio, the story of the IRS illegally targeting patriot organizations is finally seeing the light of day.  Now we are learning that the harassment was much more widespread with the IRS going after Jewish groups, pro-life groups, True the Vote and the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law as well.  The targeting appears to have at least two objectives, limiting political advocacy through intimidation and conducting opposition research on political opponents.

However belated, it is a welcomed change to see the media reporting on the IRS intimidation of Americans who were red flagged merely for promoting the ideals and values on which this country was founded.  The story exhibits far too clearly how corrupt government can be, especially with a mainstream media willing to look the other way.  This should give us all pause, and even more so since there is another storyline here, and it has to do with Obamacare.

The IRS has been designated the primary enforcement agency for the ACA.  Charged with the duty to determine compliance with the individual mandate, the IRS will require an additional tax form from every taxpayer requesting personal insurance information, including health insurance id number.  The IRS will also determine eligibility for subsidies and tax credits available to individuals and businesses seeking coverage on the ACA’s health care exchanges.  And, the IRS will collect the medical device tax.

As such, Americans find themselves in a troublesome position where they are forced to disclose personal information about one of their most vital needs, healthcare, to an agency caught red-handed targeting citizens for their political and religious beliefs.

Big government breeds inefficiency, economic stagnation, loss of freedom and corruption.  Americans have experienced all of these increasingly over the years.  The side effects of a massive government bureaucracy, though, are about to be ramped up 110% under Obamacare, and the chance for further targeting of Americans is very real.  This time though, the targeting won’t be over an IRS determination letter.  It will be over the ability of Americans to care for themselves and their loved ones.

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