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Poll shows Strickland up 46% over Portman 40%

By Phil Burress

CCV Action has warned over and over again that a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate (or President) can not win Ohio if they support same-sex unions. Portman, because of pride and ego, is running the risk of the Republicans losing the U.S. Senate in 2017. If he wanted to flip flop his position because of his son that is fine, but he should have resigned rather than run the risk of losing the seat and, potentially, the U.S. Senate. Portman is trailing a former Governor that left an $8 billion deficit and posted 400,000 jobs lost. Value voters and people of faith will go to the polls and vote, but will not vote for either Portman or Strickland. They will instead vote the independent candidate that is pro-life AND pro natural marriage. This is exactly what happened in 2012 when 144,100 voters went to the polls and did not vote for either Romney, who was weak on marriage, or Obama, who supported same-sex unions. Portman must step down now in order to protect the seat and the Senate.

Click here to view Quinnipiac University Poll.
Phil Burress