Hudson_cover_1000px13 year old Lauren Hudson and her father, conservative business leader Rob Hudson, have co-authored a student book on capitalism and freedom. The book helps our youth understand how to make it in America through education, hard work and making responsible decisions. During its initial month of release in December 2013, Our Best Tomorrow – Students Teaching Capitalism to America, became an Amazon #1 Hot New Release and a #1 Best Seller for Free Enterprise and Current Event books. Fox News and Fox Business news featured it on national television a dozen times.

About the book, Rob commented, “We must start by teaching individual responsibility to our next generations. If they don’t understand the wisdom of true capitalism and freedom, our middle class will likely continue to shrink. Their success, and the country’s success, hangs in the balance. Through Lauren’s fictional stories of three childhood friends, coupled with our pointers on America at its best, no child who reads the book will ever view the world quite the same again. They will see possibilities and American dreams, not big government roadblocks.”

The book has been endorsed by conservative government, business and education leaders. Conservative Host Stuart Varney of Fox Business News described it as a “bright, shining example of capitalism and the American way.” National conservative talk radio host Roger Hedgecock said “Words of wisdom. I loved the book.” John Stossel commended the book as one which he hopes can “make a difference” with our youth. Elisabeth Hasselbeck of Fox & Friends praised the book as “A great idea. It’s such a hybrid, with creativity and the history of capitalism.”

If the book succeeds on a national scale, it will have a far greater chance of finding its way into more classrooms. Please look the book up on Amazon on its Facebook Page, or at

Meanwhile, check out Lauren’s latest appearance on Stuart Varney, where she talks about the national debt and government mandates.

We can change this country, one student at a time. But we can’t do it without your help. No one can spread this word like the liberty community.

Rob and Lauren are looking to make a difference, not a buck. Rob has purchased 500 books from his publisher at a cost of $8, which is ½ of the book’s retail list price in bookstores of $15.95. He will make author-signed books available in bulk at cost (plus shipping cost) to any and all liberty groups for re-sale or for student gifts. Simply e-mail Rob if you’re interested.


"Our Best Tomorrow" Cover

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