Common CoreOhioans who believe in local control of education will be pleased to hear that State Representative Andy Thompson introduced his Common Core repeal bill last week, HB 237.

The bill would:

  • Halt the implementation of the Common Core standards in Ohio.
  • Prohibit the state of Ohio from administering the PARRC assessments and any other assessments connected with Common Core.
  • Forbid the sharing of private student data with third parties who seek to profit from the data or with entities outside the state of Ohio including the federal government.with certain exceptions.

Thompson’s bill has twelve co-sponsors:   John Becker, Matt Lynch, Lynn Wachtmann, Kristina Roegner, Rick Perales, Ron Young, Robert Sprague, Peter Beck, Wes Retherford, Ron Hood, Terry Boose and Ron Maag.

The OLC awaits word as to when HB 237 will be sent to committee for hearings.  We will continue to track its progress and keep OLC members updated.

Full text of HR 237 can be found here.