Alphabet on a chalkboardRepresentative Andy Thompson (R-Marietta) has a Common Core repeal bill ready to introduce in the Ohio House. We ask all patriots to call their State Representative and ask them to co-sponsor Representative Thompson’s bill or submit a written response in support of the bill.  There are 17 states with anti-Common Core legislation pending.  We want to join this group and save our children and our country from this top down approach to education which divorces parents and local school boards from determining what’s best for the development of their children/students.

A big thank you to those of you who have already called.  It is making a difference.  The following representatives have confirmed they will co-sponsor the Common Core repeal bill:

John Becker, Ron Hood, Matt Lynch, Ron Young, John Adams, Lynn Wachtmann and Ron Maag

OLC salutes these representatives for taking a stand and looking our for the best interests of the children of our state! Please thank them for their support of this important legislation.

This is our chance to make a real difference in the fight against Common Core in Ohio.  Please encourage your friends and family to contact their representatives as well.  The success of this bill will depend on grassroots activists like you making your voices heard!  More information can be found at www.Ohioans Against Common

Full text of the Common Core repeal bill can be found here.