Heidi Huber of Ohioans Against Common Core has worked tirelessly fighting for Common Core repeal in Ohio. She was on Columbus radio, 610 WTVN, giving an update on the status of the repeal bill, HB 597.

Listen to the podcast HERE.

Huber covered the following points:

  • 50 votes are needed to pass HB 597.  The sponsors are currently 10 votes shy.
  • It is hoped that Democrats will come on board as this is not a partisan issue. Huber said,

“Ohio’s kids are Ohio’s kids. They are not the Republican’s or the Democrat’s. And we need to make this about the kids – to make them the priority for a change.”

  • Proponents of Common Core do not support the bill because they all have a financial interest in keeping the standards in place, whether they are from a non profit which has received grant money to further Common Core, whether they are an Ohio Department of Education bureaucrat who wants to keep their job, or a Superintendent of a local school district who feels his reputation is on the line after spending milions of local taxpayer dollars implementing Common Core.
  • Common Core means loss of local control of education.  If the Common Core standards change tomorrow – and they will inevitably change – “we have lost our seat at the table.” Ohioans can do nothing about it because the Common Core standards are copyrighted. We have no control over their content. Outside interests do. This is antithetical to the long-standing role of education in our government. Education is meant to be a state function controlled at the local level.

Ohioans Against Common Core has identified 10 State Reps which need to be contacted to encouraged them to put control of education back into the hands of parents and teachers.

Please contact these representatives and tell them to repeal Common Core:

Speaker Wm. Batchelder:  614-466-8140

Cliff Rosenberger:  Speaker Elect – 614-466-3506

Ron Amstutz:  Speaker Pro Tempore Elect 614-466-1474

Cheryl Grossman:  Majority Whip – 614-466-9690

Barbara Sears:  Majority Floor leader – 614-466-1731

Mike Dovilla:  614-466-4895

Mike Duffey:  614-644-6030

Bob Hackett:  614-466-1470

Mike Henne:  614-644-8051

Jay Hottinger:  614-466-1482

Jeff McClain:  614-644-6265

Margaret Ann Ruhl:   614-466-1431