As you know, Conservative group leaders have been helping many of the Republican Presidential Candidates recruit their Ohio delegates for the Republican National Convention.

What you don’t know, is that we have been doing this because the Ohio Republican Party intentionally made it extremely difficult for any non-establishment candidates to recruit delegates in Ohio.

One national campaign spokesman told me directly that they had called seven Republican County Chairmen for help in finding delegates for their Candidate and was told by all of them that they could not help out of fear of retribution from the Ohio Republican Party.  We will not allow fear to deny Ohio citizens their right to fair elections! So we have stepped up to make sure that when you vote in the 2016 Primary, if your candidate wins, they will have the delegates at the Convention they deserve!

Tonight we were asked by the Rubio Campaign to help them find delegates. We know that Carly Fiorina, Rick Santorium, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson and others all still need delegates. We seen this problem coming, so last week, we set a plan in motion to assist the campaigns. This is what we decided to do:

If you want to be an Ohio Convention Delegate for ANY of the Republican Candidates simply go to:

Fill out the simple form and we will forward your information to the appropriate person for that Candidate’s Campaign – even if you want to be a Kasich Delegate! You see, unlike John Kasich and the Ohio Republican Party, we believe in fair elections and in citizens actually having a real choice when they vote.

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski