Ohio Republican State Central Committeeman Gary Burkholder (31st District, Licking County) stated today in a press release, “Enough is enough!” I will no longer ignore the lies and personal attacks by Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges.”

Burkholder is running for re-election to the Ohio Republican State Central Committee for the 31st District which includes Licking, Perry, Coshocton, Holmes, and Tuscarawas Counties.

Burkholder added, “Borges continues to target conservatives on the state committee for removal. Matt is nothing more than a political operative for John Kasich. He is devoid of leadership and integrity. He is not an honest man and should resign as chairman of the Ohio Republican Party. Ohio Republicans deserve a chairman who represents Republican values and principals. Matt Borges is not that person. Matt Borges has turned the Ohio Republican Party into nothing more than an ATM machine for John Kasich’s presidential campaign.”

Burkholder went onto say, “Borges had one of his political cronies, Stephen Spach of Pataskala, file a false election protest against my nominating petition. This false protest was later dismissed unanimously by the Licking County Board of Elections at a meeting that Spach lacked the courage to attend.”

Additionally, Borges intentionally excluded Burkholder from the state committee endorsement list at the December meeting, again making false accusations against Burkholder regarding his employment and residency.


The Ohio Republican Party paid for this post card in order to get rid of Conservative Incumbent Gary Burkholder, State Central Committee district 31

“Again, these claims by Borges were proven to be outright lies when my petition was certified by the Licking County Board of Elections,” said Burkholder.

“But that wasn’t enough. Now my opponent, who is backed by Borges, has made false statements in a mail piece sent out this week. Matt Borges and Mike Carey will stop at nothing to smear principled individuals who dare to disagree with the Borges propaganda machine. It is time for hardworking, grass-root Republicans to revolt against the status quo Ohio Republican Party. I represent my fellow Republicans in the 31st District; I will continue to fight for their values and beliefs.”

If you live is District 31, Vote for:
Gary Burkholder
JoAnn Wiblin


If your not sure what State Central Committee district your in, CLICK HERE, Use the map or use the voter look up tool to find your district and whom you should support to get rid of the Establishment Republicans.

We MUST fix the foundation. If you’re fed up with this kind of crap, then you need to support Delaney and the other 65 candidates like him who’re running against the Establishment Elite.

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Two of the conservative incumbent candidates that Chairman Borges and the Ohio GOP are trying to get rid of are Lisa Cooper (SCC-26)  and Gary Burkholder (SCC-31) .  These two incumbents, and all the conservative challengers listed on the map are paying for their own campaigns.

PLEASE – PLEASE  PLEASE – Contact them,  send them a check.  They cannot win their elections without your help.

Two other organizations that are helping these candidates,  the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition and the Ohio Citizens PAC.

Visit their sites,  make a substantial (or any) size donation t.  The funds they collect will be spent helping all these candidates win their districts and get rid of the Establishment Elites.

CLICK HERE to help these candidates get elected.  Make a $25, $50, or $100 contribution to the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition.

CLICK HERE to help these candidates get elected.  Make a $25, $50, or $100 contribution to the Ohio Citizens PAC.