Toledo, OH – Republican voter frustration is evident by the phenomenal rise of “outsider” and “non-establishment” Republican Presidential candidates.

This frustration extends itself into the core of the party, all the way down to the foundation. In videos released in recent weeks, Ohio’s Republicans can see how the party State Central Committee (SCC) no longer represents the people. Moral values like, Honesty, Integrity, and Accountability have been set aside and replaced with “We must win the election, no matter what.”

SCC members that don’t go along with this philosophy are degraded and purged from the party, to be replaced with anyone who’ll fall in line and do what they’re told.

In January, the SCC met to endorse themselves for re-election. Two conservatives SCC members were excluded from the “Self-endorsement” as Ohio GOP Chairman Borges attempts to purge these two . Several articles regarding this are posted HERE, HERE, and HERE.

The self-endorsement is also self-serving as these SCC candidates won’t need to spend a dime on their own re-election campaigns, the Ohio Republican Party will use party donations to pay for and run these campaigns to ensure the self-endorsed incumbents get re-elected. One example, the Ohio GOP will print and mail 100’s of thousands of post cards to tell Ohio’s Republican to vote for the SCC incumbent. This is how the Establishment protects itself.

Meanwhile, if you’re not one of the “SCC Self Endorsed” candidates, you’ll receive ZERO assistance from the party, you will not be able to use, nor will you have access to any of the Ohio Republican party resources. This is how the Establishment protects itself.

Chairman Borges and the SCC were asked in an e-mail if the non-endorsed Republican SCC candidates would have access to the Ohio Republican Party bulk mail permit. The non-endorsed candidates would pay their own postage, but by using the parties bulk permit, these Republican Candidates would enjoy a substantial savings on their mailing costs. Several SCC members responded to indicate the permit should be available for all Republican candidates to use, however Chairman Borges ignored this request, so the answer is NO.   This is how the Establishment protects itself.

The foundation of the Ohio Republican Party has been ignored, its crumbling and fallen into disrepair. Linda O’Brien talked about this in a presentation to a conservative group (CLICK HERE). If this is allowed to continue, the entire Republican party structure will topple. This is exactly what we see happening in the Presidential races. The Republican base has lost confidence in the party structure and is turning to non-traditional, non-establishment Republicans.

How do we solve this problem?

Last fall, leaders from several Conservative organizations meet to discuss a solution. All agreed, until we address the problems at the foundation, we’ll continue to spin our wheels with Presidential, Congressional, and state races.

Following that meeting, one of the main organizers, John Mc Avoy, traveled across Ohio, coordinating the effort. (You may remember Mr Mc Avoy as the State Coordinator for the Healthcare Freedom Amendment)

Mr Mc Avoy says:

“We’ve meet privately with many incumbent SCC members under the condition of strict confidentially. We were surprised to learn that most agreed with us, but were afraid to speak up. Usually they had a family member or relative who worked for the state or city and were afraid their job would be jeopardized if they were seen talking to us or if they do not go along with the current leadership. Intimidation works.”

Going forward – Fix the foundation.

STEP 1)   We’ve been able to identify one candidate in all 66 SCC seats. When these candidates win, the foundation will have been repaired and we will be on our way to restoring the confidence of the Republican base.


We ask that you support these 66 candidates. If you’re unsure of your district, we’ve added several powerful tools to assist you:

DISTRICT MAP Visual map shows all counties

CANDIDATE LIST List of candidates by district

VOTER DISTRICT LOOKUP Find your district and recommended candidate
STEP 2) Ohio GOP SCC Leadership – We’ve had private meetings with several prominent Republicans with the goal of identifying individuals who would be able to lead the Ohio GOP through this repair process. We are happy to report that two individuals have been approached and are 100% on board.


We are on our way, we have a good plan. Ohio’s voters are 100% on board, we simply need to let them know we exist. The best way for Ohio’s republicans to help with this project is to SHARE and LIKE this on Face book, twitter, etc.

Help us repair the foundation by electing conservative candidates who will represent you, not a big name special interest that rewards them for their vote.

Financial Assistance

These Conservative candidates will be outspent by the Ohio GOP 1000 to 1. Thats OK, The conservative challengers don’t need to spend a lot, but, they need your help. REMEMBER – Most of these candidates are just like you and are paying for their campaigns out of their own pockets.

OPTION 1 – Contact the candidate directly, send them a check. $25, $50 – $100 or whatever.

OPTION 2 – The NW Ohio Conservative Coalition has chosen to help the SCC candidates that they’ve endorsed. CLICK HERE – Your donation to the NWOCC will go directly to support these candidates.

OPTION 3 – The Ohio Citizens PAC has also indicated they will be helping these conservative candidates. CLICK HERE to make a contribution to Ohio Citizens PAC

Again please consider $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can afford to help these candidates.