As a holder of one of the nations highest security clearances in our nation,  I pledged to uphold our constitution and protect the information that I’m trusted with.

Elected and high level officials  (Sec of State) are read on to classified programs, with virtually no investigation into their background.

I’ve been following the escapades of Hillary Clinton,  and constantly shake my head, asking myself,  “Could Hillary Clinton go through the same processes and procedures I went through.  Could she pass the scrutiny of a Special Background investigation,  a Polygraph examination,  and a Physiological profile.” 

From the Instructions on the SF86 form:

In addition to the questions on this form, inquiry also is made about your adherence to security requirements, honesty and integrity,  vulnerability to exploitation or coercion, falsification, misrepresentation, and any other behavior,  activities, or associations that tend to demonstrate a  person is  not reliable, trustworthy,   or loyal. Federal agency records checks may be conducted on your spouse, cohabitant(s), and immediate family members. After an eligibility determination has been completed, you also may be subject to continuous evaluation, which may include periodic reinvestigations, to determine whether retention in your position is  clearly consistent with the interests of national security

During the FBI investigation of Clinton’s private e-mail server,  the FBI Director noted that several “TOP SECRET – SPECIAL ACCESS” emails were found.  If I handled classified information in this manner,  my career would be over.  My Security clearance would be revoked. Depending on the severity and exposure,  I’d be arrested and charged with espionage.  I would never be allowed to work in the community again,  I would never hold another security clearance.

However,  Clinton gets a free pass, no  charges,  no revocation,  nothing.  We truly live in two different Americas.  One where you and I must obey the law, and another America where lawbreakers are not held accountable.

So the question… Could Clinton receive a security Clearance?  Could you?   Take a look at the Form SF86. Look particularly at Sections 20, 22 and 28.  I doubt Clinton would even be considered for a clearance if she filed out this form truthfully.

CLICK HERE to download the SF86 – Note – This is 127 pages and 8 meg long, so be a little patient.