Lucas County, Ohio

Lucas County Republican Party (LCRP) Chairman Stainbrook and Deputy Gallagher once again failed to file the party campaign reports.

HOWEVER – To add insult to injury,  repeated attempts by the Lucas County Board of Election (BOE) to contact Stainbrook and Gallagher about the delinquent filings continue to go unanswered.

A Public Records request reveals that the Lucas County Board of Elections (BOE) has made numerous attempts to reach Stainbrook and Gallagher regarding the delinquent Lucas County Republican Party (LCRP) Campaign finance reports.

Notices of Delinquency to LCRP Stainbrook and Gallagher continue to be returned by the post office as    “UNDELIVERABLE”




If anyone knows the whereabouts of Lucas County Republican Party Stainbrook or Gallagher,  Please pass this information on to the Lucas County BOE.

** My recommendation was to have the Lucas County BOE contact  Ohio GOP Chairman Borges or Gov John Kasich. With the amount of money and resources they spent to ensure Stainbrook and Gallagher remain at the helm of the LCRP,  Borges or Kasich surely have Stainbrook and Gallagher on speed dial or should  be able to send them a text message.

LCRP – The Saga continues

18 months ago, Secretary of State Jon Husted fired LCRP Chairman Jon Stainbrook and  Director Meghan Gallagher from their BOE position.  Husted’s actions followed  years long attempts to fix problems created by Stainbrook and Gallagher at the Lucas County Board of Elections.  The final straw was a 2 month long investigation with public hearings conducted by Husted. Following that investigation,  LCRP Chairman Jon Stainbrook was fired from the Lucas County Board of Elections.

Hours of testimony at the hearings included testimony and evidence that BOE Director Meghan Gallagher’s intentionally stopped delinquent Republican Party campaign finance reports from being referred to the Ohio State Elections Commission for disciplinary actions..

Hearing testimony also included allegations of election tampering by Republican Party Chair Jon Stainbrook:

After Meghan Gallagher was fired as Director of the BOE, Chairman Jon Stainbrook attempted to retaliate for her firing by sabotaging the voting machines in the upcoming primary election. Testimony was presented to the board that Jon Stainbrook sent a text message to key Republican employees involved in the voting machine testing and certification to:

“work slowly as possible and don’t report any errors.”



Stainbrook and Gallagher’s behavior is endorsed by Ohio GOP Chairman Borges.

In June 2014,  two “Lucas County Republican Party”  entities  were formed,  One by Jon Stainbrook and Meghan Gallagher,  one by David Kissinger.  Both entities conducted re-organization meetings as per ORC, both filed intent with the Board of Elections..

Without any hearings, as required by ORC, Chairman Borges claimed that he supported the Stainbrook party.

This saga continues,  Lucas County Republicans are once again the victims of this behavior by the state and the county party.