reports that Democrat Michael Wager, who is seeking Dave Joyce’s 14th district Congressional seat, has started to run attack ads on Matt Lynch, Joyce’s Republican primary challenger who has tea party backing.

Opinions differ as to Wager’s strategy.  State Rep. Matt Lynch contends the ads show that the Democrats are worried about what a Lynch win would mean for Wager’s prospects in November.  Lynch considers himself the true conservative in the race and thus the Republican better able to distinguish himself from Wager.

Joyce’s people sing a different tune asserting that Wager’s ad buys are meant to boost Lynch’s prospects in the primary and thus yield an easier candidate for Wager to beat in the fall. goes on to list the outside groups which have contributed to Lynch and Joyce’s campaigns.  The list provides a pretty clear picture of the real conservative on the ballot.  Joyce has benefitted from $350,000 in ad buys from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and $117,000 in ad buys from the American Hospital Association, both big backers of Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion.  And Steve LaTourette’s super PAC, which seeks to attack conservative challengers to office, has spent over $139,000 on mailings in the 14th district primary race which either attack Lynch or support Joyce.

Lynch on the other hand has received help from FreedomWorks, a tea party organization which has spent approximately $70,000 on pro-Lynch yard signs, literature, and internet advertisements.

The article can be found HERE.

Wager’s ad opposing Lynch is below.