Dennis_Michael_LynchGuest column from Ohio Liberty Coalition Board member Carol Bicking.

On Tuesday evening, August 20, filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch wowed a Cincinnati audience of about 200 with remarks on why illegal immigration is bad for America.  Interspersing his 90-minute, factual presentation with clips from his latest movies, Lynch admitted he was touring the country prior to the House of Representatives’ discussions of comprehensive immigration reform.  Lynch sees the fallacy of the Senate’s Gang of Eight plan, and he wants to educate and motivate his audiences to stop further progress on this type of legislation.  Blocking this national program would benefit Americans everywhere, and not just those on the borders.

Here is a video about some of his latest work:

Lynch, a New Yorker with clean-cut, good looks, was the youngest person to win Ernst and Young’s award for entrepreneurs.  At the age of only 24, Lynch boasted of 250 employees in his computer company.  He could start a large business venture at such a young age because he never finished college.  In fact, he proudly proclaims that he’s a five-time college dropout on a 500 SL Mercedes with the intentionally misspelled license plate:  “No Colege.”

Because he’s the neighbor of Fox and Friends’ host Brian Kilmeade, Lynch was able to get a four-minute spot on the morning program and explain why the U.S. southern border was not as secure as Sen. John McCain and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano claimed it to be.  Lynch also was able to school Rep. Peter King on eight emergency signs posted in border locations and written in three languages – English, Spanish, and Chinese.  These signs, which advise the illegal aliens to remain in the area because help will be forthcoming, also dispense water to those awaiting help.  Rep. King, who views the Chinese as America’s worst enemy, was not aware that Chinese people were among the illegals entering the country.  There would be no reason to have these signs translated into Chinese unless there were actually speakers of that language coming across the border.  In other words, the American people and even legislators entrusted with keeping the country safe from foreign attacks are not getting honest and complete information from the Obama administration.  Border patrol agents are not allowed to speak to the media, but Lynch got several to talk about their jobs and just which nationals were coming across the unfenced and unpatrolled borders.

Lynch explained that the Dream Act will never pass Congress as long as it allows “chain migration.”  That term means that anyone granted amnesty will be allowed to bring his/her extended family members to the United States.  Getting 11 million illegal aliens out of the shadows may actually be more akin to bringing 20, 30 or even 40 million people into the United States.  According to Lynch, President Ronald Reagan thought there were only 1 million illegals getting amnesty back in 1986, whereas the actual number turned out to be 4 million.  Part of the discrepancy may have been caused by chain migration.

Lynch also remarked that President Obama’s signature piece of legislation may not be the Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare.”  Future Congresses can tinker with the specifics of this legislation or even overturn its provisions; but real, lasting change is 40 million new, likely Democratic voters that would result from enacting amnesty within comprehensive immigration reform.  Republicans would never win another election as long as the Democrats could attract most of the new immigrants to vote themselves new benefits and special treatment at the expense of others.

Ohio is not a border state, so why would Lynch be concerned about states such as this?  Lynch would respond that he wants to: 1.  Protect Americans from unfair job competition and 2.  Protect this country.

To protect Americans from unfair job competition, Lynch thinks that the H1B Visa system needs to be revamped.  Currently, American businesses are lamenting the lack of trained workers in the computer and engineering disciplines.  Lynch thinks that this CEO refrain is bogus.  What Lynch thinks is actually happening is that the American companies are paying H1B Visa holders less than they would American citizens and as a result are increasing their profit margins.  According to Lynch, illegals undercut the wages of 20 million American workers.  Most Americans want jobs, but they must get a living wage and health care benefits as part of their compensation.

Another way to protect Americans from unfair job competition would be to eliminate the jobs advantage that illegals get under current Obamacare provisions.  Because illegals would not be eligible for employee health care benefits and would not be subject to $5,000 fines for non-coverage, employers could hire illegals for less money and fewer benefits than they could hire Americans. The American unemployment problem would severely worsen if an amnesty-type of comprehensive immigration reform is enacted.

Lynch also sees his role as alerting Americans to the dangers of non-secure borders.  As someone who saw several fellow New Yorkers jump to their deaths on 9/11/2001, Lynch worries that future 9/11’s are “not a matter of if, but when.”  Shortly after Pres. Obama gave his 2013 State of the Union Address about how the sequester would adversely affect federal operations, 2,000 incarcerated illegal aliens were released from federal prisons.  Lynch wondered why Americans completing the last months of their sentences weren’t the ones released.

Non-secure borders could also allow those with sinister motives into the country.  Lynch played a movie clip that featured an Islamic leader bragging that four pounds of anthrax in a suitcase could kill 330,000 Americans in an hour without the need for airplanes, flight lessons, or other expensive equipment.  Lynch didn’t mention this, but any American city is ripe for a terrorist attack.  Central Ohioans will recall that Somalian Nuradin Abdi was charged with plotting to bomb a Columbus-area shopping mall back in 2004.

Lynch’s passion is to get current immigration laws enforced.  There is no need for another amnesty piece of legislation such as the one Pres. Reagan signed almost three decades ago.

As demonstrated above, illegal immigration is the most important issue in the country, yet Conservatives are at a disadvantage.  The major networks attract 21 million viewers to their nightly news shows, whereas Fox Network gets a mere 1 million viewers.  To combat these great odds, Lynch recommends:

  1. Call your U.S. House member when they get off of their summer break and tie up the phone lines.  Don’t use e-mail, because aides don’t have to answer those pieces of correspondence immediately.  Ask your Representative about his/her stand on illegal immigration in town hall meetings.  Emphasize that current immigration laws are not being enforced, so the making of additional laws is pointless.
  2. Give out copies of Lynch’s films to others.  The visual images are needed to get additional support for the non-amnesty viewpoint.  Go to to order copies of his two films at reasonable prices.
  3. Sign up for “Lynch’s alerts” on  Subscribers will get state-specific instructions about actions they can take to stop any further comprehensive immigration reform.
  4. Learn to speak to those with different viewpoints.  When Lynch visited Rep. Peter King, the filmmaker didn’t immediately show the legislator the upsetting pictures of the Chinese language emergency signs.  Instead, he broached the subject after talking briefly about another topic the two had in common.  Lynch sees the need to lessen the hostility between Democrats and Republicans.
  5. Teach children to love America once again.  Patriotism went out of style in the late 1980’s.  Freedom is special and rare.  Lynch offered, “If we forget what we did, we won’t remember who we are.”  Americans must heal their broken spirits.  It will take a mixture of toughness and compassion to get the country’s spirit back, which is exactly what it will take to solve the illegal immigration dilemma.