Many cities, towns, and schools will be coming to the people who pay the bills in November and will be asking for more money,  a levy.

Do they really need the money?  How are they spending the money you give them now?  Could they do a better job of spending and using the current resources, Could they be better stewards with your tax dollars?

Here is whats happening in Toledo,  Maybe you should be asking these same questions !!!!


Toledo, OH.  Does Toledo really need the Levy?  No one knows,  because Toledo refuses to do a Performance Audit or post their checkbook on line for all to see.

Toledo is hosting Town Hall meetings in each district to push the levy.  When you attend one of these town hall meetings,  tell them you went to Ohio Check Book to look at Toledo spending,  but there’s no data there since 2014.

You might also mention that Mayor Bell and  Mayor Collins promised to do a comprehensive and exhaustive Performance Audit, but to date,  nothing has been done.

A performance Audit would look at ALL Toledo resources, labor contracts, financials,  and evaluate where the city is doing a good job and where they need to improve.

Ohio’s treasure, Josh Mandel, put Ohio’s entire checkbook on line for all to see. Mandel made the web site available to any state public entity to also share their checkbook on-line.  Toledo started doing it (CLICK HERE) , but hasn’t updated the data since 2014.


You can CLICK HERE to see if your City, Town, School has their checkbook on line,  If they don’t ask them why not.

Toledo town hall schedules for

■ Aug. 31, Sanger Branch Library, 3030 W. Central Ave. 6 p.m., District 5

■ Sept. 14, Eleanor Kahle Senior Center, 1315 Hillcrest Ave, 6 p.m., District 1

■ Sept. 20, Regina Coeli Catholic Church, 530 Regina Pkwy, 7:30 p.m., District 6

■ Oct. 5, Nexus Healthcare, 1415 Jefferson Ave., 6 p.m., District 4

■ Oct. 12, East Toledo Family Center, 6 p.m., 1020 Varland Ave, District 3

■ Oct. 12, Bowsher High School, 2200 Arlington Ave, 6 p.m., District 2