Do NOT allow this election to drive a wedge between us.  I recently received a message from a person who’ve I’ve worked with over the year. I was deeply hurt by the language and content regarding my moral values and character, simply because I’m supporting Trump.  This person would proudly identify themselves as a NeverTrumper,

In the past,  I’ve pleaded with individuals, groups and leaders to not allow this election to drive a wedge into their relationships.  If we somehow survive what happens on November 8th,  we’ll need to work together in the future.

Both parties, Democrats and Republicans, are sitting back quietly and applaud when they see us fight among each other..  Lets not destroy these relationships over something we have no control over. If we don’t agree on who we support, let us polity and with respect, voice our logic and reason,  and not assassinate each others character because of differing opinions.

This was my response to this friend and fellow active conservative:

I’m shocked and deeply hurt that you would say such things about me. We have fought and worked together on many projects, and for you to make these claims regarding my moral values and character is beyond my belief and deeply hurtful.. I hope you have it in your heart to reevaluate your beliefs as to my motives regarding this presidential election.

I’m not asking you or anyone to change your vote, AND, I will not demean you for your decision, nor will I question your moral values. I know you are of good moral character and you have the best interest of our country in your heart. I ask that you provide me the same courtesy and respect.

This is the toughest Presidential election our nation will face. To me, the choice is clear. Allow me to explain the reasoning behind my choice…

One word, one issue, Survival

You made a statement; “This country is done with either one…[gets elected]”.  I cannot over emphasize the accuracy of your statement regarding Clinton. If she wins the Whitehouse, the United States of America is finished. The country that I fought for, the constitution that I swore to protect, all this will become irrelevant. Being the “Best Grandpa” will be meaningless as my grandchildren will inherit a country totally different than the one I was given.

We have seen our country divide into two classes, the Political Class, and the Peasant class. The Clintons and Obama Administrations didn’t create this, but they’ve done more than anyone in the history of the United States to advance class separation, and secure their places in the Political Class.

As we’ve seen in the past 24 months,  Members of that class are not held to the same standards or laws that the rest of us are held to.

There are those who claim we must maintain a Republican House and Senate,  as they will fight this march to the left. We sent Republicans to Washigton DC for the past 6 years, and have watched as they have capitulated on almost every issue, and have refused to fight Obama, the first black President. A Republican Congress will not fight Clinton on anything. They will capitulate to her every wish and threat, so as not to be accused of being sexist, racist, or whatever their reason.

However, and this may be where we differ,  if Trump wins the Whitehouse, we “might” , and I emphasize the word “might”, be able to survive.

We might be able to continue to fight for our beliefs, we might be able to carry on with our constitution, we might be able to save our country, we might be able to secure our borders, we might be able to nominate conservative judges to the Supreme Court, we might be able to turn back the EPA, DOE, etc. we might be able to balance the budget.

Allow me to say this one more time….

  • If Clinton wins, we will not survive.
  • If Trump wins, we might survive.

I can’t fight for anything if I’m dead. The choice for me is clear, I don’t care for Trump, but at least with him, I might be able to survive to fight another day.