EightThis week, Opportunity Ohio and the Foundation for Government Accountability released “Medicaid in Ohio: The Choice is Clear,” which details eight simple reasons why expanding Medicaid is bad for Ohio.  The report also offers eight practical solutions for upgrading Ohio’s Medicaid program so it better serves those it is intended to help.

The report is not merely ideologically driven.  It is filled with data and examples from states that have already expanded their Medicaid programs.  Ohio has the unique opportunity to learn from the failures of other states and chart a different course for its Medicaid program.

Directly from the report, here are the eight reasons Ohio should nix Medicaid expansion.

1.  Able-bodied childless adults have never been—and were never intended to be—eligible for taxpayer-funded Medicaid.
2.  Medicaid costs are growing and jeopardizing all other state priorities.
3.  Ohio policymakers have no reliable cost estimates on which to base their decision.
4.  Expanding Medicaid is unlikely to decrease hospitals’ uncompensated charity care.
5.  Medicaid is failing to meet its mission of protecting Ohio’s most vulnerable patients.
6.  Medicaid expansion crowds out private health coverage.
7.  The federal government is unlikely to keep its funding promises to Ohio.
8.  It is unlikely Ohio will ever be able to scale back the size of Medicaid once it expands.

To read the report, click here.  To read a shorter Q&A format piece on the subject by Matt Mayer, president of Opportunity Ohio, click here.